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What is the difference between a cell and an organ?


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the difference between a cell and an organ is that an organ is made up of many cells and cells are the building blocks for an organ


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A cell is the basic functioning unit in living organisms.A group of cells is called a tissue.A group of tissues is called an organ

organ systems are made up of organs and organisms are what the organs are in. the order of it is: (cell, tissue), organ, organ system, and then the organism

No. It has a function to maintain the difference between the inside and the outside of the cell is not considered an organelle (little organ).

to culture any organ , tissue or cell from single cell called cell culture. to grow any tissue or organ from a tissue called tissue cultured. and formation of any organ from source organ is called organ culture. in short according to the source of culture any cultured are named.

An organ is a collection of cells that perform a function (liver, skin, muscles) whereas an organelle is something INSIDE a cell which performs a function for the cell (ribosome, mitochondria)

The difference between an organ and a gland is in their functions. A gland is actually a specific organ but an organ may refer to various components in the body system.

Difference between cell and corpuscle??

Organ is a fully differentiated structural and functuional unit in an animal that is specialized for some particular functionwhereas organelle ia a specialized part of a cell; analogous to an organ.

what is the difference between an animal cell and a fungal cell?

the difference is ,a structure is where it is placed and the function is what it daos

The difference between the structure and the function of an organ is thet the structure is how it is organized. The function is the way it works.The way it does its job.

An organ is a large part of a system. For example, the heart is part of the cardiovascular system, the kidney is part of the urinary system. An organelle is a small part of a cell. For example the nucleus is an organelle of the cell.

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The difference is tissue makes up organs so without tissue there is no organ.

An organ is a part of the organism´s body

An organ is a part, an organism is a whole thing.

There is no difference between plasma and cell membrane.

Organelles are very similar to organs. The difference between organelles and organ systems are that organelles are quite a bit smaller.

The difference between a bacteria cell and a fungi cell is that fungi have chiti in there cell walls; bacteria cells do not.

Organism has a 'ism' on the end but organ doesn't

an organ system is a group of organs that work together to complete a job.

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