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A chemical formula is the number of atoms in a substance, and is the same as a molecular formula (provided the substance is a molecule - if not, it has no molecular formula). A structural formula shows how the atoms are linked, and there are different interpretations of this:

eg C3H8O2 is the chemical formula of 1,2 propan di-ol, which is the same as the chemical formula of 1,1 propan di-ol

the structural formula however is CH2OHCHOHCH3 for 1,2 propan di-ol and CH(OH)2CH2CH3 for 1,1 propan di-ol. A displayed formula shows all the bonds:






1,2 propan di-ol........1,1 propan di-ol


Some chemicals, such as table salt, have no molecule. Thus, they only have chemical formula but not molecular formula. The chemical formula of table salt is NaCl. There are other salts, such as Na2SO4, MgSO4, etc. (If you hear people saying "the salt molecule has the formula of NaCl...", believe me, they do not know what they are talking about.)

Some compounds exist as molecules- discrete entities, such as water. This kind of compounds have molecular formula. Water's is H2O.

Structural formula? Never heard of.

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A graphic representation of the molecular structure of a chemical compound is called structural formula. A skeletal formula is basically a shorthand representation of a structural formula showing bonding of molecules through molecular geometry.

Explain the similarities and differences in the information shown in a molecular formula and a structural formula for the same not sure look up def of each.

The first is only a brutto formula, the second give an indication about the molecular structure.

A molecular formula indicates the numbers and kinds of atoms in one molecule of a substance. The structural formula shows how the atoms fit together in the molecule. For example, water has the molecular formula of H2O and the structural formula of H-O-H.

molecular formula actually gives the no of different atoms in a molecule or compound where as the structural formula tells us how the different atoms in a compound are connected to each other

A structural formula represents the molecule graphically, whereas the other does not.

The molecular formula gives the kinds of elements and numbers of atoms of the elements in a molecule of a substance. A structural formula shows how the atoms of the elements are arranged in the molecule. For example, the molecular formula for carbon dioxide is CO2. The structural formula is O=C=O .

A molecular model is a tangible, three dimensional representation of a molecule showing the individual atoms that constitute the molecule, the chemical bonds between the atoms, and the angles between bonds when an atom forms more than one bond. A structural formula is a two dimensional representation of a molecule that contains less complete information than a molecular model but still shows the individual atoms and the bonds between them, sometimes in abbreviated form.

A molecular formula is a brutto formula.The structural formula contain also a description of the geometry of the compound.

A physical change occur when the molecular structure of chemicals are not changed.A chemical change occur when the molecular structure of chemicals is changed.

Nuclear energy involves changes in the nucleus, molecular energy arises from the bonds between atoms and can be called chemical energy.

What is the difference between molecular remission and cellular remission?

The major structural difference between chromatin and chromosomes is that the latter are?

Do you meant safranine T and safranine O. Yes, there is some chemical structural differences between them.

The chemical formula shows the atoms that make up the molecule, whereas the molecular formula basically states the correct quantity of all the atoms in the molecule.

they are the same compounds with identical molecular formula and structural. The different is the state of them, glycerol in liquid state while glycerin in solid state

One structural difference between Stentor and vorticella is that Stentor is a protozoa. Vorticella is a sessile organism, meaning that it is immobile.

Functionalism is also wat we call structural functionalism

The structural formula show the position of atoms in a molecule.

Structural isomers also called constitutional isomers are different compounds that have same molecular formula but different molecular structure. Structural isomers have same number of each type of atoms but the atoms are connected in a different order in them. Structural isomerism is seen in organic compounds. It can be due to different arrangement of carbon chain, due to different position of functional group on the carbon chain, due to different functional groups that give their family of compounds same molecular formula. Difference in arrangement of atoms is visible if structural formulas are written for compounds having same molecular formula. Like structural isomers, stereoisomers also have same molecular formula. Stereoisomers are not structural isomers. Stereoisomers have their atoms connected in same sequence( same constitution), but they differ in the arrangement of atoms in space. Cis and trans isomers of alkenes are examples of stereoisomers. Carbon chain arrangement, position of functional groups, and everything that could be different in structural isomerism is same here.

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The correct expression is molecular mass.

Molecular physics is the study of the physical properties of molecules, the chemical bonds between atoms as well as the molecular dynamics.

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