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What is the difference between a commuter college and a resident college?


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At a commuter college you live at home or in an apartment and commute to school everyday. At a resident college you live on campus in a dorm or apartment.


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Apparently not. The College Board has the university listed as a commuter campus.Apparently not. The College Board has the university listed as a commuter campus.Apparently not. The College Board has the university listed as a commuter campus.Apparently not. The College Board has the university listed as a commuter campus.Apparently not. The College Board has the university listed as a commuter campus.Apparently not. The College Board has the university listed as a commuter campus.

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One difference between high school and college is the fact that high school is mandatory, while college isn't. You also get a deeper understanding of courses in college.

Tuition at state colleges for residents and nonresidents depends on the laws of the particular state where the college is located.

There may be a few, but most do not. They are considered to be commuter colleges.

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There is no difference between a degree taken through a college compared to one taken through a university. The difference between a college and university is its internal structure, which has nothing to do with the degrees offered, their value, or recognition.

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An in-state college is a college in your state & an out-of-state college is a college in another state that is not where you live.

It is a college where many usually MOST people don't live on dorms at the college but rather live with their parents and drive to school every day.

No. You don't have to be a resident to attend but you have to be a resident to get a cheaper tuition. To get financial aid you need to be a resident of that county.

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The difference is that a college only gives a degree in one area. Like (culinary arts auto repair). A university however, lets you choose what degree you want (bachelors master Phd) and what in (communications accounting law) whatever. That is the difference between a college and a university.

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