Waves Vibrations and Oscillations

What is the difference between a complete oscillation and a swing?


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Using a pendulum as an example: a pendulum swings from left to right (first swing) and then swings back again right to left (second swing). A complete oscillation is composed of both swings.

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The swing of a pendulum is called an oscillation. The furthest point in each oscillation is the amplitude.

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As the length of a pendulum increases, so does the time taken for one swing (the period of oscillation). A shorter pendulum will make swings more quickly than a longer pendulum.

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This could describe a regular vibration or oscillation. An example could be the swing of a pendulum.

The motion is likely not to be a simple harmonic motion as required for the formula for the period of a pendulum to work properly. The angle of swing is likely to reduce.

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The physical parameters of a simple pendulum include (1) the length of the pendulum, (2) the mass of the pendulum bob, (3) the angular displacement through which the pendulum swings, and (4) the period of the pendulum (the time it takes for the pendulum to swing through one complete oscillation).

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