What is the difference between a condominium hotel and a time-share?

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The difference is in the ownership of the property. Read your governing documents to determine if time-share use is permitted by owners. The definition for a hotel implies irregular lengths of stay, as does time-share.

The difference is in who owns the unit. A condominium unit owner may not be able to use the unit as a time-share unit; whereas a hotel unit can be used for irregular lengths of stay.
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What is the difference between a resort and a hotel?

A hotel may consist of guest rooms, restaurants, a pool, meeting space and business services. A resort, by most standards, may include all the above, but must also include an associated recreational aspect, be it golf, spa, amusement park, skiing, etc.

What is the difference between condominium and apartment?

In the United States a condominium is a form of fee ownership of a unit in a multi unit complex. An apartment (sometimes called a flat) is typically a rental property consisting of a room or suite of rooms in a building containing a number of such dwellings.

What is the difference between a hotel and a residential hotel?

Hotel and Residential Hotel . A hotel provides fully furnished rooms with maid service, primarily for visitors staying for a short time.. A residential hotel is more like an apartment. Basic furnishings and some maid service are usually provided to meet the particular needs of a guest, who will ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between hotel and motel?

Motels, which are a portmanteau of "motor" and "hotel", differ from hotels in terms of location (motels are along highways, while hotels tend to be in the middle of cities and towns); orientation (the doors face the outside world, while hotel doors face a hallway); and the availability of parking lo ( Full Answer )

Define condominium hotel?

A condominium hotel is probably a mixed-use high-rise building, where the lower floors are a commercial hotel and the upper floors are condominium units.

What is the difference between a hotel and inn?

Essentially, these are synonyms. The English language is particularly rich in having more than one word for a thing. People often give slightly different shades of meaning to words that are basically referring to the same thing. two words...

What is the difference between hotel and restaurants?

A hotel is a place which may consist of restaurant and it also consists of sleeping facility whereas a restaurant doesn't.. A restaurant is a place where you only eat food..... In some places such as Nepal And India there is hardly any difference in both of them as Nepal and India uses restaurants ( Full Answer )

What is difference between hotels from resort hotels?

location? I think resort at some point need to be related to a vacation place. . A boutique hotel is a smaller, often luxurious or individual facility, usually with less service than a not-boutique hotel. These services are more personalized, though. It's common that the staff knows the guest' ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a penthouse and a condominium?

A condo is a privately owned unit in a multi unit building that includes common areas, facilities and various amenities. It is considered real property. A penthouse is a posh apartment at the top of a building typically differentiated by luxury features and privacy. It can be privately owned or a ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between buying a townhouse vs a condominium?

Townhouse is a style of building, generally with multiple storiesstacked upon each other that represent a residence. A condominium is a style of real estate ownership whereby multipleowners own individual units and in addition, own a percentage shareof the real estate assets that make up the communi ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a private house and condominium house?

A private house is owned by an owner who also owns the land. A private house owner is responsible for the maintenance, upkeepand preservation of the private house and property. A condominium house is part of a larger community which is owned byall owners in equitable share, and the house being owne ( Full Answer )

Difference between boUtique hotel and hotel?

Chain hotels tend to be all about uniformity - every room in every hotel in the chain is pretty much a carbon copy of the others. They are often in purpose built buildings that are very 'functional'. Boutique hotels are usually smaller and more personal/individual feeling. They are often in perio ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a condominium and a planned unit development?

Condominium ownership is a form of real estate ownership, wherein an owner owns a unit individually, and shares ownership with other owners, of the real estate assets that make up the community. A planned unit development may be just that: a development with pre-planned units. Units can be retail ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a duplex and a condominium?

Hats off to Kluss for his legal definitions above. . . These termscan be interchangeable both as forms of real estate ownership, andin the style of building. . A duplex is any kind of building with two separate units, andits legal ownership may be as a condominium. . Condominium is a form of real ( Full Answer )

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What is the difference between a condominium a townhouse and a duplex?

Townhouse Generally, a townhouse is one of a row of attached dwellings that share common walls. The term 'town home' is used in some regions. Each 'townhouse' owns the land beneath it and there may or may not be common areas set up by the developer. However, a townhouse is an individually owned ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a condominium and an apartment?

The official difference is in ownership: an apartment is owned by a landlord who may also own other apartments in the same complex; a condominium is owned by a single owner and that ownership includes a percentage ownership in the community's common areas. A condominium may be in the style of an a ( Full Answer )

What is a difference between Hotels and Motels?

A motel, was derived as a combination of the words "motor hotel," as lodging designed for motorists. It is best described as a one or two story structure with rooms that open to the exterior of the building, usually surrounded by a common balcony or patio, or has a chalet to a parking space or garag ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between condominium and single family house?

Condominium real estate ownership is a particular form ofownership: every 'unit' owner owns a unit and also owns theremainder of the 'community' property in common with all otherowners. A 'unit' can be an apartment, a retail space, or a stand-alonebuilding. It can be a boat slip, a warehouse unit a ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a condominium and a home owners association?

Generally, a condominium is a collection of multi-family units and an HOA consists of single-family units. However, this generalization is not always exact. Both are ownership styles of real estate, where owners own individual units and own common areas in common with all other owners.

What is the difference between Co-operative society and Condominium?

In USA, and possibly in other locales, condominium is unique to a form of real estate ownership. A condominium community is governed by a set of governing documents that usually defines a board of directors who operate the corporation, and more. In a cooperative society, there is no implied defini ( Full Answer )

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What is the difference between resort and hotel?

Usually a resort is a place or area (eg a town or village) while an hotel is one place providing accommodation in that area (eg a building in the town or village).

What are the differences between a townhome and a condominium?

The main differences between townhouses and condominiums are their structure, ownership, and whether they are governed by state statures. Townhomes, more commonly referred to as town houses, are rows of independent, identical houses that share walls and the owner, typically the resident, owns the la ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between hotels and inns?

Hotels tend to be more up-class establishments compared to inns. Hotels are typically found in large cities with a much higher occupancy allowance than inns.

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What is the difference between a club and hotel?

In the club you practice some social and/or sport activities. In the hotel, you have provisions for full board including sleeping and/or making festivals/conferences.

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What is the difference between a hotel and motel?

The difference between a hotel and motel is that a "hotel" refersto a large common lobby with services such as food and room servicewhereas a "motel" is where you can drive up the entrance to yourroom.

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