What is the difference between a droid incredible and a droid x?

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Droid X is much bigger. Better. Faster.
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What is the difference between Droid and iPhone?

They are practically the same thing, though the Droid doesn't have iTunes music or the same apps.easier to root android than jailbreak iPhone. Harder to detect root android than jailbreak iPhone.

What is the difference between droid Motorola and droid HTC?

So the "droid" phones are running an operating system called android. Both the Motorola Droid and the HTC Droid Incredible (I assume you are talking about these two) run android. The difference (aside from physical features) is that HTC has added another interface on top of the regular android ( Full Answer )

Which is better droid or droid incredible?

DROID is actually a brand name which Verizon licensed to use for its Android phones. Many people actually use the Droid name to refer to any Android device (similar to the way that people refer to flying discs as Frisbees or clear tape as Scotch tape). The Droid Incredible is made by HTC and is a po ( Full Answer )

What is better the Motorola droid or droid incredible?

The Droid Incredible is better than the Droid because it is faster, its lighter without the slide out qwerty keyboard. (The keyboard on the Droid sucks anyway.), and HTC sense in better than stock android.

What is the difference between a blackberry and a droid?

The differences are this: a Droid is powered by Google and is only available through Verizon. The Droid has more features than the Blackberry. And the layouts are different: a Droid phone has a tap screen and a slide-out keyboard for people who need more practice on touch devices.

When will you be able to buy droid x?

You will be able to purchase the Droid X on July 15, 2010 for $200, although reviewers can get it up to a month earlier.

What is better the Verizon droid x or the droid 2?

It depends on what you want to do. The Droid X is slightly faster and has a better camera while the Droid 2 has the physical keyboard. In my opinion the Droid X is better.

Can the droid x stream video?

Generally not. However I have found that a small number of videos online will allow streaming from my droid x to my tv via the hdmi cable. You will know if a video can do this when you play it if the hdmi icon appears in the upper-left of the phone. You click the button and it will connect and play ( Full Answer )

Is the droid x a good phone to get?

Yes, it's very hi-tech and it can do anything so it's very convient. Only two drawbacks is that it's $30 a month for interent that is required and it's kind of big and bulky but overall i have the fun and love it.

How do you get songs on a droid x?

You take the sd card out and put it in a mini sd card reader for your computer, "which it should just be usb",and drag and drop the song's u want onto the card.

Does the Droid Incredible have gorilla glass on its screen?

It does. I can understand the interest in the knowledge of the HTC Incredible Screen. The screen display is actually an Opaque Aluminum-Silicone Base. It is called Gorilla Glass, which is impervious to the very real threats of key scratching and localized pressure. Gorilla Glass is an unscratchabl ( Full Answer )

Do you have to get internet on the HTC droid incredible?

Unfortunately, you must get internet on any smartphone. I know mine cost $15 dollars a month for the cheapest plan. I am planning to change over from At&t to Verizon as soon as my contract is over.

What is better the droid x or droid pro?

Droid X of course Well not really the guy who put that up there is telling his opinion it depends if you like newer phones better

PS3 jailbreak with droid X?

(Note: here PS3 takes a role of DLNA player but DLNA server, so it can play movies from Droid X in your digital home but can not stream Droid X videos to other players within DLNA protocols). [b]Foxreal Droid X Video Converterwill be the perfect one to convert the recorded 3GP videos/movies to Dr ( Full Answer )

How do you unlock Verizon droid x?

The easiest way to unlock a Droid X that is on Verizon is to call Verizon customer service. What worked for me was to tell them that you're traveling outside of the country for a few weeks, and you want to unlock your phone to use on a temporary service. Make it clear that you don't plan to drop you ( Full Answer )

How much does the droid x costh?

If you want the droid x it costs 199.99 if you buy it with a 2 year plan at verizon. With a 1 year plan it is 269.99 If you are just planning to buy the phone without a plan it will cost 569.99

Why is the Droid X so good?

Because it just awesome. It has a 8mpg camera which is better than almost any other camera . it has the best battery in the smartphone business. It has a micro sd card for it memory which can be easly removed and upgraded. it has the biggest screen in the smartphone business. You can even buy a bett ( Full Answer )

Which droid should you get droid incredible droid glabal droid pro droid x or android which one is the best version of the droid for a teenager?

ANDROID IS THE SYSTEM THAT THE ALL RUN! That being said functionality wise they all do the same thing, apps & things of that nature. Droid Pro- Great Security and the fastest processor (1.2 GHz) Droid 2 (Global)- Great Keyboard, 1 GHz processor Droid X - Awesome Big Screen, 720p HD Recordin ( Full Answer )

Where can you design a droid incredible phone case?

My grandma is working on how to sew things I would try to sew something like a phone case because it will be less money you would have to spend and you could design the case yourself. Hope that helped, Makala

Should you buy the droid 2 or the droid x?

The droid X most defiantly, the slide out keyboard is not extremely comfortable iv heard. also the x has a better battery a larger screen. and a 8mpg camera. Its really cool .SO get the droid x if the larger screen wont bug u. "i got used to it in like 3 days." But if you're a die hard fan of the ( Full Answer )

Which phone should you get the Droid Incredible or the Droid Thunderbolt?

There is no Droid Thunderbolt. There is the HTC Thunderbolt. I would recommend the Droid Incredible 2 which came out in the past month. It dose not have 4G like the HTC Thunderbolt but It is far more powerful than the Droid Incredible and will be worth your while.

Can you Skype on HTC droid incredible?

Yes, you can use skype on the HTC Droid Incredible. Oh, also just read something cool. You can get free skype sms too.. That's kind of awesome.

Is the droid x user friendly?

not as friendly as an iphone but once you figure it out its very smooth and enjoyable just more complex

Droid X or Droid Incredible 2?

When it comes to specs, innovation, and the latest smart phone technology, go with the Droid Incredible 2. Its specs mirror the HTC Thunderbolt, though the Incredible 2's battery lasts way longer. The only reason to get the Droid X is the price. Go with the Incredible 2.

Should you get the Droid X2 or the Droid Incredible 2?

Both phones are really nice 3G Verizon Droid phones. The Droid X2 is newer than the Droid Incredible 2, and in my opinion a little nicer. However, it might depend on if you like Motorola or HTC better. HTC makes the Incredible 2 and Motorola the Droid X2.

How do you increase battery life on a droid incredible?

You pretty much can't unless you get the battery saving app but u have 2 get the right 1. My friends phone would only charge half way when he got it so he sent it back and they gave him a new one. and it charges fully now.

Can you conference call with the droid incredible?

Make a call to the first participant. When connected, press MENU, tap Add call, dial the number of the second participant, and then tap Call. (The first participant is put on hold when you dial the second participant.) . When connected to the second participant, tap Merge. .

How do you reset a droid incredible without the pattern?

Warning. Doing this hard reset to your phone will erase all personal information and return the phone to the state it was in when first sold. Turn the Droid Incredible off and remove the battery. Reinstall the battery and back. Simultaneously press the volume down button and the power button until ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a droid and an Android phone?

Generally the droid is a series of phones (droid, droid 2, droid 3, and so on) that run on the Android Operating System. But Android is the operating system. So I guess the answer is that a droid is a phone series, and android phone is any phone that runs on the android operating system.

Is the droid x the original droid?

No. The Droid X is one of the many smartphones in the Droid series by Motorola. The original would be The Motorola Droid released in 2009.