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When hook ups are available at campsites there are two options, full and water. Normally the full hook up includes electricity and water, whereas the water hook up does not include electricity.

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Is there a difference in electric transfer between solid salt and salt water?

Yes. Solid salt does not conduct electricity, but salt water does.

Name a complaint someone might have about camping?

Bugs Weather No Electric/Water Getting Dirty Uncomfortable Sleep

What is the difference between a mailman and water?

The difference between a mailman and water is water can be bottled and a mailman can't.

What is the difference between water and ecowater?

The main difference between water and ecowater is the hardness rating difference. For water testing and filter options, see your local water specialist.

What is the difference between mobile home hot water heaters and regular hot water heaters?

Usually, house Hot Water tanks are either Electric or Natural Gas and trailer tanks are propane. Both are made the same except for the gas or electric input.

What is the difference between fresh water and potable water?

the difference between fresh water and potable water is fresh water can come form the ground, and/or, ice burgs.

What does a potential difference cause?

A potential difference causes an electric current. Think of it like a river : the source of water is the most elevated point of the river, so the water has a lot of gravitational potential energy. The end of the river is the lowest point of it, so the water has very low gravitational potential energy. What happens between these two points? Water flows! This analogy can be applied to electricity; the potential difference is caused, for example, by a battery in an electric circuit.

What is the difference between a snow flake and a water droplet?

the difference between a snowflake and a water droplet is that a water droplet is a snowflake before and after it is actualy formed!!

What is the difference between two things?

The difference between two things is what traits or characteristics set them apart; why they are different. For example:Water and IceThe difference between water and ice is that water is a liquid and water is not. Another thing is that ice is very cold and water can be warm.

What is the difference between water loom and air jet loom?

difference between air jet loom and water jet loom

What is the difference between ocean water and sea water?

there is no difference between sea water and ocean water because there the same thing in different words. good guestion though...

What is a camping water filter?

A camping water filter is for when you go camping but instead of having to take a whole bunch of water you already know is safe to drink, you can make any water you find naturally safe to drink by putting using your camping water filter. That way you can camp by a river or lake and drink that water and be sure to not get sick from some kind of contamination.

Is there a mass difference between pure water and tap water?

No. Water is water.

How do you test the difference between water salt water and sugar water?

There are a few different ways that you can test the difference between water, salt water, and sugar water. You can test boiling point for example.

Is there a difference between tap water and rain water?


What is the difference between mineral water and spring water?


What is the difference between alcohol and water?

Water dose not smell

What is the difference between warm water and cold water?


What is the difference between salt in water and sugar in water?

its mixed

What is the difference between green water and blue water?


What is the difference between deep water and shallow water?


In the water analogy of an electric circuit what corresponds to the power supply the resistor and potential difference?

Power supply: Water pump, producing pressure at its output valve.Resistor: A section of pipe. Flow of water loses energy on the way through, due to friction with the pipe's interior wall.Potential difference: Difference in water pressure between the beginning and end of the pipe section.

True or false the difference between water freezing and water boiling in the Fahrenheit scale is 100?

False because the difference between it is 180

What is the difference between Ozone water and minerals water?

The difference between ozone water and mineral water is mineral water contains minerals that are beneficial to the body whereas ozone water is extremely clean and pure.

Difference between pure and clean water?

the difference is we dont care.

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