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Q: What is the difference between a ring fort and a castel?
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The difference between a hard wrestling ring and a soft wrestling ring?

There is no difference the WWE uses a standard ring like TNA or ROH.

What is the difference between a rock salt and gold ring?

what is difference in a gold ring and rock salt

Difference between vitamin A1 and A2?

The only difference between vitamin A1 and A2 is of a bond in the ring.

What is the difference between an vintage ring and an antique ring?

Vintage rings aren't quite as old as an antique.

What is the difference between a riding rink and riding ring?

there is no difference but there is technically no such thing as a riding 'Rink'

What is the price difference between a platinum and gold ring?

The price difference between a platinum and gold ring is a major difference. Metals are priced on the weight and platinum is heavier than gold, and its more pure and harder to make then gold.

Difference between drillship and jackup type rigs?

what are the Basie difference between drill ship, jack up ring and submersible rig /

What are the differences in price between a real diamond ring or moissanite engagement ring?

The first difference between Moissanite and diamond engagement ring is price. There is a large amount of difference between the price of moissanite and diamond engagement ring. A Moissanite ring is very cheaper than a diamond ring. You can see the price online. But the look of the moissanite and diamond is very the same. There is a little bit of difference between moissanite and diamond. emerald cut moissanite engagement ring from Braverman Jewelry PEAR DIAMOND from Braverman jewelry

What is the difference between a 3 ring binder and a 3 ring notebook?

a three ring notebook means that the notebook can go into a three ring binder. a three ring binder has three rings.

What's the difference between a sealing ring and a gasket?

A sealing ring is a ring that is used to prevent leaks in pipes. A gasket serves the same purpose as a sealing ring, but can also keep in gas.

What does the Irish word rath mean?

" earthen ring-fort" according to wiki. Basically "fort"

What is tyhe Anatomical difference between a dove and pigeon?

I was told the difference is that the dove has a ring around it's neck and the pigeon dosen't.