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A school of management typically focuses on teaching management principles, leadership skills, and organizational behavior, while a school of business offers a broader range of business-related disciplines including marketing, finance, accounting, and operations management. In essence, a school of management tends to concentrate on developing strategic thinkers and effective leaders, whereas a school of business covers a wider scope of business functions and operations.

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It would take a book and a semesters worth of lecture to explain in detail the difference. To make this very, very brief let us consider the definition of management first.

A Definition of Management

Some would define management as an art, while others would define it as a science. Whether management is an art or a science isn't what is most important. Management is a process that is used to accomplish organizational goals; that is, a process that is used to achieve what an organization wants to achieve. An organization could be a business, a school, a city, a group of volunteers, or any governmental entity. Managers are the people to whom this management task is assigned, and it is generally thought that they achieve the desired goals through the key functions of (1) planning, (2) organizing, (3) directing, and (4) controlling. Some would include leading as a managing function, but for the purposes of this discussion, leading is included as a part of directing.

The four key functions of management are applied throughout an organization regardless of whether it is a business, a government agency, or a church group. In a business, which will be the focus here, many different activities take place. For example, in a retail store there are people who buy merchandise to sell, people to sell the merchandise, people who prepare the merchandise for display, people who are responsible for advertising and promotion, people who do the accounting work, people who hire and train employees, and several other types of workers. There might be one manager for the entire store, but there are other managers at different levels who are more directly responsible for the people who perform all the other jobs. At each level of management, the four key functions of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling are included. The emphasis changes with each different level of manager.

Definition of Business

Business is an organized effort by individuals to produce and sell for a profit, goods and services that satisfies societies needs. We can break this down into three major categories. First the definition tells us that a business in organized, second that it satisfies societies needs, and three, it earn a profit. Within the school of business there a specialties that demand a specific skill in each of these areas. In other words, Accountants, human resources personal, computer specialist, marketing specialist, advertising specialist, demographic analysts, etc.

I guess what 'm trying to say in short is that the school of management would be particular to organizing, control, and influencing internal driving forces to achieve the organizations goals and objectives regardless of the type of organization, while the school of business would be particular to the specialties within the operation.

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Q: What is the difference between a school of management and a school of business?
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