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What is the difference between a seed and a grain?


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a pee seed is docotone while a corn seed is a monocot

a maize seed is used to flavour different foods and a maize grain is used like rice in countries such as Africa

Differences between a cereal and a grain

fertilisationis when the pollen grain joins the ovum germinationis when a seed starts to grow in to a new plant

the difference is that the bean seed germinates by dicots and the corn seed germinates by monocots.

Crows are black scavengers and pigeons have various colors and eat grain and seed. They are, however both pests if they live in your neighborhood.

A Legume is the seed of a plant in the bean family, Fabaceae. A Cereal grain is the seed of a plant in the grass family, Poaceae.

The difference is that the bean seed germinates by dicots and the corn seed germinates by monocots.

All wheat is grain, but not all grain is wheat. Corn, barley, and triticale are also grains.

The germinated pollen grain is empty of the male gamete nucleus.

The difference between spore makers and seed makers is that seed makers are plants and spore makers are decomposers. For an example a mushroom is a decomposer and is a spore maker.

One great difference between mango and tomato is that mango fruit has a single seed while tomato fruit has numerous or multi seeds

gundam seed is the previous set and gundam seed destiny is the one after gundam seed

im pretty sure its a grain

they are the same they are just used in different kind of sentences.

Coarse is ruff/hard, and fine grain is smooth/ soft!

what is the difference between coriandner leaves and coriander seeds

Grape seed is the whole seed and grape seed extract is part of the seed which has been extracted from the whole.

A seed is a client that is uploading and a peer is a client that is downloading.

A grain is a type of fruit which does not open.

'''no, it is a GRAIN/seed!'''

how is the tittle a grain of mustard seed is related with the story

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