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the pitches, the size and the weight

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Smaller than an alto. If you hold a flute to a piccilo the size difference in that is lie the size difference in soprano and alto sax

An alto flute has a lower pitch than a concert flute. It's made and shaped differently, but is still a member of the flute family.

I'd say she's an alto. Correction: She is a mezzo soprano which is in between Alto and Soprano. Basically she can hit high and low notes. But not as high as a soprano or as low as an alto.

Alto, sometime called contralto, is the lowest woman's voice. Soprano is the highest. "Mezzo" is Italian for "middle," so mezzo-soprano is the middle woman's voice.

A straight Soprano has a sharper more solid sound and the curved one has a smoother almost alto like sound.

Nothing is lower than a soprano and higher than an alto but there are such things as soprano 2s and alto 1s which are in between although they are not there own section

a harmony flute is like a bass flute or an alto flute meanwhile a regular flute is anything other than those types : )

There are twelve members of the western flute family, smallest first. Piccolo, treble flute, Soprano, Concert, Flute d'amour, Alto, Bass. Contra alto, Contrabass, Subcontrabass, Double contrabass and Hyperbass flutes

Saxophone- soprano, alto, tenor, baritone; Clarinet- Bb, bass, alto; Flute- piccolo; Oboe; Bassoon

she is an alto mostly but not often a soprano

tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, flute

Demi is a Mezzo-Soprano. (Lower soprano...between like alto and soprano). Voice range is comparable to the famous mezzo Idina Menzel who sings in Wicked.

ill name som. clarinet-soprano, alto, bass, contraalto, contrabass- Flute, saxophone-soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass- oboe, bassoon, BY THE WAY THE BASSOON IS THE BEST

She is a soprano but she has a very wide range.

She's either an alto or a second soprano!

Bass Flute, Flute, Contra-Bass Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, alto clarinet, soprano clarinet, Bass Sax, Bari Sax, Tenor Sax, Alto Sax; soprano Sax, Trumpet, oboe, English horn, french horn, and occasional euphonium

While Kenny G usually plays the soprano saxopone, he is also accomplished on tenor sax, alto sax and flute.

Most Flutes (including piccolo, Concert flute, bass, and contra-bass flute) are C instruments. Other flute types and their pitches are: Treble, Alto,and Contra-Alto flutes:G, and Soprano flute(rare): E-flat. Most flutes besides Concert flute, and Piccolo are only used in flute choirs.

Either the soprano or the alto both of these require less lung capacity, but the alto is probably your best bet as it is the standard beginner's sax.

She is an Alto, but has a wide range and can also sing mezzo soprano.

Beyonce actually is a mezzo-soprano, and she has a 3.5 octave range.

an Alto is what women sing whereas the tenor is like the soprano to the base so to speak. Tenors sing higher than the base just like sopranos sing higher than the altos. tenor is a couple of steps lower than alto and is the soprano version for the guys.

Alto flute has a lower pitch than a normal flute.

alto, alto is lower than soprano