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a word is used to make a sentence whereas an adjective describes a noun (an object)

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Q: What is the difference between a word and an adjective?
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What is the difference between an adjective and a metaphor?

an adjective is usually one word.

What is the difference between different and difference?

Different is a describing word/adjective. Difference is a noun.

What is the difference between pronoun and adjective sentences?

An adjective describes a word and pronouns are different in sentences.

Is there a difference between a democratic and democracy?

In the question the word democratic is an adjective, whereas the word democracy is a noun. Democratic is simply the adjective of the noun.

What is an adjective for the word difference?

The adjective is different.

What is the difference between private and privacy?

Private is an adjective (descriptive word) Privacy is a noun (naming word)

What is the difference between determiner and adjective?

The determiner is an important noun modifier which contextualizes a noun. An adjective is a word that expresses an attribute of something.

What is the difference between the word various and variety?

Grammatically, variety is an abstract noun, and various is an adjective.

What is the difference between eldest and oldest?

The adjective 'eldest' is a synonym for the adjective 'oldest'.There is no difference between eldest and oldest.

What is the difference between proper adjective and pronun?

The main difference between any adjective and a pronoun is that an adjective describes a noun, a pronoun replaces a noun. This is true of a proper adjective as well. Examples:I like Asian art very much. It has been perfected over many centuries.The word 'Asian' is a proper adjective describing the type of art. The word 'it' is the pronoun that replaces the noun 'art'.

What is the difference between exploitive and exploitative?

Exploitive and exploitative both drive from the word exploit. The only difference is that exploitative is an adjective and exploitative is an adverb.

What is the difference between interrogative pronoun interrogative adjective and interrogative adverb?

what is the difference between Interrogative pronoun, Interrogative adjective and Interrogative adverb

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