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not that much. a yard sale is stuff you dont want put a table and being sold in your yard. a garage sale is when you take out really old stuff from your garage and put it for sale.

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Q: What is the difference between a yard sale and a garage sale?
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What is another word for garage sale?

Another word for a garage sale is a ''rummage'' sale or a "yard sale."

Who invented the yard sale or garage sale?

a person

Where can I buy yard signs for my garage sale?

There are many places where you can buy yard signs from for your garage sale. You can buy it in places such as Walmart, Home Depot and the Dollar Store.

Where can you find old rusty bicycle wheels?

Yard sale, garage sale, city dump, scrap yard, bike co-op....

Where can I get a cheap yard sign for my garage sale online?

Websites like and have inexpensive garage and yard sale signs you can buy. However, if you have a computer and printer and some wood you can cheaply make a sign on your own.

What do Americans call a jumble sale?

A garage sale / yard sale / rummage sale and sometimes (usually for churches) White Elephant sale - im not kidding.

Is it illegal to have a yard sale in England?

Yard sales and garage sales are legal in England provide the sale does not occur regularly enough for the council or government to consider the home a 'shop'.

Where can you buy a Dazzle capture card for under 50?

Amazon, Ebay, maybe a yard/garage sale.

Where can you have a yard sale?

Yard Sale typically means 'outside a home', in a sideyard, front yard, backyard, driveway. Your signs should clearly say where to look. Garage Sale is in a garage, e.g. where a car is normally housed. Also in the driveway. Porch Sale means on an outside porch, even an enclosed porch. Use signs in your yard and on the doors to direct customers to the right place. Inside 'Yard Sale' means inside an apartment or house. NOTE: Safety-wise, these are the most risky because you are allowing people into your living areas.

How can a yard sale help not pollute the earth?

When you buy something in a garage sale youa re reusing. This is one way the it doesn't pollute the earth.

What does America call a jumble sale?

For an organization fund raising, it's called a tag sale. For individuals selling their own things to raise money it's a garage sale or a yard sale.

What if you don't have a garage?

If you don't have a garage for your yard sale, then do it in the back of your car if you have a truck or and SUV or a mini van. If you don't have a suitable car for that, and your backyard has a gate, then have one in your backyard.