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Algaes are of many types and varies in colour and sizes whereas Ferns are of not many types and does not varies in sizes and colour

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algae is much smaller and it grows on water.

Algae are autotrophic whereas fungi are hetrotrophic

black algae's dead, and green algae is alive.

A fern is a leafy plant and a toadstool is a mushroom.

Bird nest fern is an epiphytic vascular plant (fern) and mushroom is a saprophytic fugus.

Algae is harmful to people and animals depending on season Seaweed is a type of algae.

bacteria is a prokaryote while algae is a eukaryote

marine algae lipid is more than freshwater algae and marine algae is resistant to infection

The difference is that a conifer has a vasculr tube

motile algae can move or float while non motile stays where it is.

The difference between algae and angiosperms is angiosperms have true roots,stems and leaves while algae does not. Also angiosperms are flowering plants and algae lives mainly in water.

the tree fern has leaves while the mushroom doesn't have leaves or the tree fern needs sunlight to grow while the mushroom doesn't.

toadstool is the fruiting body of a type of fungus, related to mushroom fungus.bird's nest fern is a fern, a green plant.

Because bryophytes have thallus but green algae doesn't. Fern have true roots, leaves and stem...

Algae and protozoans are very alike. The one main difference between the two is the fact that algae do not move at all, and protozoans do.

Both have chloroplasts where photosynthesis occurs. One difference is that algae lacks the stem, root, and leaf structure of plants.

The major difference between plants and algae is that plants have connective tissues for the transportation of water in the entire plant body while every cell of algae absorbs water from the source on its own. There is no connective tissue is algae. Secondly, the reproduction system of plants is more developed while that of algae is primitive. Thirdly, algae can be single-celled while plants are multicellular organisms. Another area of difference between plants and algae is photo respiration. Moreover, it is argued by the scientists that algae and plants may share the same ancestor but algae cannot be classified as plants.

both contain chlorophyll11 but plants are differentiate between stem,roots & leaves and algae can not be differentiate between stems,roots ant leaves.

There are several differences between algae and plants. Algae can be unicellular or multicellular. Plants are only multicellular. Plants also have roots and leaves and stems to get nutrients. Algae can only get nutrients from the water.

The conifer is a vascular plant and a fern is not. Also conifers grow cones not flowes or other seeding elements

examples are algae, moss or a fern