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The main difference between alkyd resins and alkyd polymers is the chain length. Most of the time Polymer is large and resins are small. However this is not always the case sometimes it can be a little as the color difference.

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What has the author Krister Holmberg written?

Krister Holmberg has written: 'High solids alkyd resins' -- subject(s): Alkyd resins, High solids coatings

What are some examples of Thermoset Plastics?

Epoxy resins (when cured) are thermoset. Polyesters used in car-body fillers are also. Polyurethanes and alkyd resins are also thermoset.

What is the difference between acrylic alkyd and modified alkyd?

Alkyds can be modified (blended with ) acrylic resins/emulsions or other polymers such as phenolic resins or urethanes, so all acrylic alkyds are modified alkyds, but not all modified alkyds are acrylic alkyds. Both are pretty general terms, but modified alkyd is much more vague and proprietary. The term "Acrylic Alkyd" is usually reserved for alkyds which have been chemically modified with acrylic monomers such as methyl methacrylate, methacrylic acid, styrene, vinyl toluene, etc. These acrylic monomers are incorporated into the alkyd molecule by addition polymerization. Such alkyds are generally characterized by faster solvent release, quicker tack-free time, better hardness, blocking resistance, color and color retention, and durability, depending on the choice of monomers and amount of acrylic content. These alkyds are also more expensive than conventional alkyds due to higher cost of monomers and the additional manufacturing steps required.

Difference between acrylic latex and alkyd paint?

The solution in which the pigment is suspended. i.e. the pigment is suspended in a water-based solution in latex paint, but in an oil-based solution for alkyd (oil) paints.

What is the difference between alkyd latex and waterborne alkyd?

Traditionally, alkyds are found in solvent-based paints that must be reduced with paint thinner or mineral spirits. "Waterborne alkyd" is a generic term to refer to an alkyd resin that can be used in a water-thinnable paint. Because alkyds are not miscible with water, a chemical modification is sometimes used to produce a hybrid alkyd resin - often acrylic/alkyd or urethane/alkyd - that is compatible with water. These hybrids are often categorized generically under the term waterborne alkyds. A pure alkyd can be emulsified in water using appropriate surfactant combinations. This type of surfactant-stabilized alkyd emulsion has been sometimes referred to as an "alkyd latex." Different resin manufacturers use varying terminology to describe waterborne alkyds with the terms alkyd emulsion, alkyd dispersion, and alkyd latex being among the most common.

Difference between alkyd and enamel paint?

They aren't comparable. Alkyd is a type of resin that is available in both oil and water-based paints; while enamel is a description that is used to indicate that a paint dries to a hard surface with a glossy sheen.

Can you paint an alkyd over a latex paint?

Yes. Alkyd paints can be put directly over latex paints. However, latex paints over alkyd require a primer coat between.

Which is better alkyd stain or oil based stain?

There is no difference. They are one in the same.

What is the difference between oil and alkyd wood stain?

They are both essential the same, solvent based finishes which require paint thinner to dilute or clean up.

What is Alkyd Primers?

Primer made with alkyd base.

Can you mix alkyd enamel with industrial alkyd for metals?

paint jobs

Does alkyd paint dry on wood?

Yes, it does. Alkyd is excellent on wood surfaces.

What is styrenated alkyd resin?

It is a fast drying alkyd which is made by reacting the fatty acid, conjugated double bonds, in a Diels-Alder type reaction, with liquid styrene monomer. It sets up very quickly to become handleable, then dries a normal alkyd. They have good adhesion to aluminum and acrylic plastics. They are used to make hammered finishes , because they are usually in Xylene. There is a sister resins made by adding vinyl toluene, which are in an aliphatic solvent. They both have a specific re-coating window of under 4 hrs .

What do you use to thin out alkyd paint?

Mineral spirits is used for cleaning alkyd paints.

What primer do you use for alkyd acrylic exterior paint?

You can use either a water based alkyd primer, or a 100% acrylic primer under a water-based alkyd paint.

what paint to use for painting vinyl siding,alkyd or latex?

The paint that seems to work best with vinyl siding are ones that have a blend of urethane and acrylic resins. The most important thing to do when painting siding make sure your surface is clean and dry.

What is alkyd used for?

Alkyd is used to create paints that will dry extremely hard and will resist multiple cleanings. Normally, alkyd paints are oil-based, but there are now water based varieties. You can find alkyd paints on doors and trim both inside and outside houses.

What does RDCO stand for in Alkyd Resin?

RDCO - Rosinated alkyd made using dehydrated caster oil

What is the difference between wood paint and alkyd paint?

Alkyd paint has a resin in it to help the oil in the paint dry faster, oil based paint in my opinion has a more vibrant colors, both in depth an brightness, waterbased seems to be toned down some-what. Wood paint can be either water based or oil based and even water soluble oil based. Oil based alkyd paint lately are used for things or areas that might receive abuse, and because of the slower drying time the oil based alkyd paint will show less brush marks then water based paint.

Is alkyd a thermoplastic?


Can you use linseed oil to mix with alkyd latex paint?

No. The linseed oil will not mix with a water-based alkyd.

Can an interior alkyd primer be used for priming decoys?

Yes, an interior alkyd primer can be used to prime decoys.

What is alkyd enamel in paint?

Alkyd is a resinous binder used in paints to bind other components and make smoother paint.

Is Alkyd an acid or allaline?


Can you paint over latex paint with alkyd lacquer paint that is for concrete floors?

I wouldn't recommend it. Some of the chemicals in the alkyd will dissolve the latex and the alkyd won't "stick". It's best to remove the latex using laquer thinner or xylene first.

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