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Q: What is the difference between an animal hospital and an animal clinic?
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What is the difference between an animal clinic and a veterinarian?

A vet is a person and an animal clinic is a building.

What is a difference between the cost of private hospital and clinic?

cost will be more in private and less in clinic

Where is the closest animal hospital to Toledo, Ohio?

Bancroft Animal Clinic and Lewis Animal Hospital are right in downtown. Near Toledo are Heatherdowns Veterinary Clinic, Reynolds Road Animal Hospital and Shoreland Animal Hospital.

What is the salary difference between an RN working in a hospital versus an RN working in a clinic?

Usually an RN would make more money working in a hospital. That is not always the case. It depends on the hospital and the clinic. The difference in salary wouldn't be significant

What is the difference between a hospital and a clinic?

Clinics are typically more narrow in focus (i.e. out-patient care, primary care, 1 area of specialty care, etc), while hospitals are more complex units with various different types of care as well as in-patient care.

Is there an animal hospital in Fitchburg,MA?

The Fitchburg Animal Clinic is located in Fitchburg, MA.

Is an animal hospital the same thing as a veterinary clinic?

Animal hostipal vs. Veterinary clinic is pretty much the same thing because there job is only to treat animals.

What are the differences between hospital clinic pharmacy and drug store?

the hospital clinic might be faster and easier, like if you just got out of the hospital you can go right downstairs and get your medication and leave.

What is the difference between outpatient care and inpatient care?

Outpatient care is performed in a clinic or hospital and does not require an overnight stay. Inpatient care requires the patient be admitted to the hospital where they are monitored 24 hours a day.

Does a veterinarian work at an animal hospital?

A veterinarian can work at an animal hospital, but he can also work at his own clinic or office, and might have a practice providing care to farm animals, or work at a zoo.

What is the Difference between medical center and clinic?


What is the difference between hospital and clinic?

ANSWER:A clinic is for short term, non life threatening care. A hospital is for long term, emergency and non emergency care with beds.Clinic's seem to be dirtier and have alot more bumbs but hospitals while cleaner have a longer waiting time and lots of snooty people who cut or don't do things right and the the clinic is very slow moving