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What is the difference between an emigrant and an immigrant?

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An emigrant is a person who moves from their country of origin. And an immigrant is a person who gets to Another Country to live in.

An immigrant is a person who is moving from one country into another. An emigrant is a person exiting their current country to go to another. For example, if a person were to move from France to the US, they would be a French emigrant but and U.S. immigrant.

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Immigrant is a person going Into a country, Emigrant is a person Exiting his or her previous country. So for example, if I moved from the US to Japan, I would be a US emigrant, but a Japanese immigrant

There is no difference between immigrant and migrant but between immigrant (migrant) and emigrant. If a person has made the decision to leave his or her home country the person is on the one hand an immigrant and on the other hand an emigrant. If the person settles down in an other country, the people of the other country will say the person is an immigrant. But, the people of the home country of the person who has left will say the person is an emigrant. So, to sum up, if a person comes into a foreign country the person is an immigrant and if a person leaves his or her home country the person is an emigrant. come into = immigrant leaves = emigrant

An immigrant is a person. "Immigrant" describes one who moved into a country, as compared to "emigrant" which is the person who left.

An emigrant is a person who leaves his/her country. An immigrant is a person who arrives and lives in another country

immigrant is a person who enters a country or enters a new place (new environment) emigrant is when someone leaves a country or enters a new place (new environment)

Let us say that a person moves from France to Italy. From the viewpoint of France, this person is leaving, he is therefore an emigrant. From the viewpoint of Italy this person is arriving, and he is therefore an immigrant. From the viewpoint of the person himself, he is both an emigrant and an immigrant, since he has both left somewhere and arrived somewhere.

Yes. An immigrant is someone coming into a country and an emigrant is someone leaving. Of course when an emigrant is leaving their own country they will be an immigrant in the country they arrive in. So they can be the same when looked at different perspectives.

immigrant- Einwanderer emigrant- Auswanderer

Immigrants arrive in a country and wish to settle there. Emigrants leave a country to become immigants in some other country.

No. An immigrant is arriving into a country from another one and an emigrant is leaving their country to go to another one. So a person can be an emigrant when they leave their own country and an immigrant when they arrive in the new country.

Foreigner or immigrant (emigrant)

The identical twins caused quite a stir when they crossed paths in the airport- one was an immigrant, while the other was an emigrant!

ImmigrantCorrection: Emigrant, not immigrant. Immigrant is a person who comes into a country.

EMIGRANT OR Immigrant it all depends on which you want to are the meanings of each: Emigrant is someone who leaves one country to settle in another OR Immigrant is a person who moves to a foreign country to live permanently. They both have the same meaning to me....Good luck! Ri :-)

Both. An Immigrant is one who migrates to another country; They would be a Japanese immigrant

An immigrant comes to your country, a migrant leaves it.

an emigrant is a person that leaves the country. so an emigrant of the us would not have to be a us citizen. An immigrant is a person who comes into the country, and i think that's what you mean.

An immigrant is someone who emigrates from their native country to this one. So an immigrant is any person coming into a specific country, from that country's point of view. "Those people immigrated in 1960." An emigrant is anyone who leaves his natural country. "He emigrated from Greece in 1903." -- he left Greece ---"A ship full of emigrants." -- people leaving a country for another-- "Let's emigrate to Canada."-- let's go and permanently live there. Both notions have the meaning of "permanent relocation".

yes. but not unless you are entitled to an Irish passportLinguistically, you are an emigrant from the US, and an immigrant into Ireland.

An immigrant enters a country, an emigrant leaves a country... So I don't think it can be just one word. It would have to be something like 'person who left their country.'

An immigrant to the new country, an emigrant from his or her country of origin

Emigration is moving out of a place. Immigration is moving into a place. So an emigrant would be someone moving out of a country, such as the United Kingdom. An immigrant would be someone moving into that country. So generally, all immigrants are emigrants, and vice-versa. The only difference is if they are coming or going.

immigrant is a person who gets in your country as a foreigner and emmigrant is a person of your country who decides to go abroad

Immigrants are people who move into a country to live and to work. Emigrants and people who move out of a country to live and to work.

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