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What is the difference between an iPod and other MP3 players?

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If you use an iPod and want to download mp3 music from your personal computer, you should install iTunes software on your computer. iPod download music from computer via iTues which supplied by Apple company. iPod is a name of an MP3 player manufactured by Apple Inc., while other players are just called different things like Microsoft's Zune. The iPod's touch wheel is a special navigation feature. Other players cannot have this. Imitation iPods are built with a slightly different click wheel. An iPod does not have features like FM Radio, which may be found on some other MP3 players. An iPod does not have a SD card slot (so far) or any other form of expandable memory. An iPod cannot play .wma, wmv formats.

An iPod is a type of mp3 player. An mp3 player is any portable device that plays mp3s. An iPod just happens to do a lot of other things: watch video, surf the web, play games, etc.

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