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What is the difference between an opinion and an argument?

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An opinion, whether it is grounded in fact or completely unsupportable, is an idea that an individual or group holds to be true. An opinion does not necessarily have to be supportable or based on anything but one's own personal feelings, or what one has been taught.

An argument is an assertion or claim that is supported with concrete, real-world evidence. Many people confuse or lump the two terms because they cannot recognize the difference between evidence and reasons. In this case, reasons are typically associated with 'feelings' or commonly accepted ideals, while evidence is associated with measurable, objective truths or realities. While arguments may not always be ''right'' or true, they must at least be supported by some kind of external evidence.

Many people are unable to distinguish the difference between reasons and evidence because their own personal bias clouds the distinction between the subjective and the objective.

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Are Causal Explanations arguments?

The term argument implies a difference of opinion. If everyone agrees, then there is no argument. So a causal explanation may or may be an argument.

What is the difference between principal argument and argument of a complex number?


What is difference between argument and option?

an argument is a disagreement between two people while an option is a preffered choice or point of view.

What is the difference between opinion and matter of pure opinion?

both mean exactly the same thing but are used in different circumstances. Opinion, on its own is the view that somebody holds. It's a matter of pure opinion would be used when views or opinions differ quite strongly, possibly in an argument or heated discussion.

What is the difference between a claim and an argument?

A claim is putting forth the right to something. If that claim is not settled then it might result in an argument.

What the difference between a arguments and counterarguments?

* All arguments; start with an original argument, statement of a personal opinion. * If this first opinion is dissagreed with; there will be a counterargment, expressed personal opinion. * Arguements only happen when the three logical steps of logos: Element; Element; Whole, or absolute, are not practiced. The Art Of Reason.

What is the difference between evidence and opinion?

The difference is that opinion is what YOU think and evidence has been proved and you KNOW its right x Hope that Helps!!

Which best explains the difference between an explanation and an argument?

An explanation provides information, while an argument uses evidence to support a claim.

What is the difference between a fact and opinion?

A fact most of the time is 100% correct and a opinion you can argue

What is difference between pass by value and pass by reference in VB?

When an argument is passed by value, the function receives a copy of the argument. When you pass by reference, the function receives the address of the argument.

What are some synonyms for dispute?

argument, conflict, controversy, debate, discussion, disagreement, difference of opinion, disturbance, misunderstanding, quarrel, variance

What is the difference between a valid or invalid argument?

An invalid argument is when the facts you are using are invalid or your forms of defense are wrong or incorrect, a valid argument is the opposite of an invalid argument. "There is a windmill in my beard. your argument is invalid." (This is a good example of a bad contradiction)

What is the major difference between a majority opinion and a concurring opinion issued by the supreme court?

What is a major difference between a majority opinion and a concurring opinion issued by the Supreme Court?

What is the difference between a hypothesis and an opinion?

a hypothesis is a scientific word for prediction. An opinion is something someone says that is not a fact.

What is difference between parameter and argument in java?

I believe it is two different names for the same thing.

What is an argument paragraph?

An argument paragraph is a paragraph in which one states his or her opinion on a given issue and then supports that argument/opinion with facts, counter-arguments, and explination. For example, one might state that smoking should be banned in all public buildings, and then cite statistics and public opinion polls to bolster that opinion.

What is the difference between conviction and opinion?

There is a great difference between a conviction and an opinion. A conviction is a strong persuasion or belief. An opinion is a personal belief formed in the mind. Opinions can change in the blink of an eye; while a conviction is part of our very being. An opinion is formed by the mind. A conviction is part of the framework of the soul.

What is the difference between a theory and opinion?

A theory can be supported by facts and evidence, while an opinion is only what someone feels is true.

What is difference between volatility and evaporation in chemistry?

After my opinion a strict separation is not possible.

What difference between objective and subjective morality?

Subjective is the fact and objective is your opinion

What is the difference between a function an argument?

function is a segment of code that compute a value.....and argument is a parameter that is pass in function................. from sahil chopra In the IF function, the first argument sets a condition for comparison, called a relative test

What is the difference between a valid deductive argument and a fallacy?

A valid deductive argument will have a valid premise and conclusion and a fallacy may be true, it all matters on how you came to the conclusion.

Difference between Public opinion and opinion?

A opinion is just a singular belief, generally or an individual or group of people. Public opinion refers specifically to the opinion(s) of many, for example the opinion or opinions of a society or group.

What is the difference between statement and argument?

the difference between a statement and an argument is a statement is somthing that some one states like....." i like pizza." and an argument is 2 people who are disscussing or debating somthing like... person #1 "i think we should have a new hospital built." person #2 " well i most certainly dont think we need another one."

Difference between a thesis and a thesis statement?

what is the difference between a thesis and thesis statement?