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Antique car insurance is usually based around replacement value and assumes the car will not be driven often except maybe to a car show. Regular car insurance is based around replacement value as well as potential damage and injury since it assumes the car will be driven regularly and have more potential for accidents rather then theft.


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Antique automobile insurance costs a lot more than insurance on a regular car. You can get this service from both Progressive and State Farm insurance companies.

Antique vehicle insurance costs a little more than insurance on a regular car, because it's so much to replace the parts. State Farm insurance offers antique car insurance.

The main difference is the price. Collector car insurance will cost you significantly more than any regular car insurance that you would get.

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Antique vehicle insurance is always more expensive than regular insurance. If you have a bad traffic record then it will be even more. You're looking at approximately $200 a month or so.

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