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What is the difference between antivirus and antispyware software?


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viruses are programs that take over your computer, and sometimes delete files, but spyware is something that steals information from your computer without your knowledge. and of course anti, means against

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Anti-virus software protects against specific malicious software that is meant to harm your computer. Antispyware software protects against programs that were written to invade your computer with commercial and sometimes malicious software that floods your computer with advertisements.

The difference between these two versions is their usage term. You can use the demo only for 30 days. Demo antivirus has also limited functionality. But now most of the antivirus has all facilities in a demo antivirus for a certain period.

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Manually deleting a virus is you going and deleting directories, changing registry keys and that sort of thing. Whereas anti-virus software just does all this for you.

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Viruses destroy computers,BUT Anti-Viruses destroy viruses.

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Spyware software just looks for threats that can help a hacker to have a spy on u..This usually happens when u install an ingenuine(but genuine appearing) plugin. Internet security software looks for Virus and probably malware.

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