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Art and Craft Difference

Craft work is skilled work: any kind of craft must involve the application of a technique. The word, after all, is the German Kraft, simply means power or ability. Craft involves technique, yes, but not necessarily mechanical technology. For we wouldn't attribute a high level of craftsmanship to a machine which produced thousands of coffee mugs in an hour. Craft implies the application of human intelligence and usually when we use the word we have in mind the application of the human hand. The craftsman has tools at command, but to the extent that the tools themselves, independent of human guidance, accomplish a task, we don't talk about craftsmanship.

A second point. The concept of craft is historically associated with the production of useful objects and art well, at least since the 18th century with useless ones. The craftsman's teapot or vase should normally be able to hold tea or flowers, while the artist's work is typically without utilitarian function. In fact, if an object is made demonstrably useless if, to cite a famous example, you take a teacup and line it entirely with animal fur it has to be considered as a work of art, because there is nothing else left to consider it as. The crafts tend to produce things which are useful for various human purposes, and though they may be pretty or pleasing in any number of ways, craft objects tend to exhibit their prettiness around a purpose external to the object itself. To this extent, the crafts aren't arts, according to a idea which found fullest expression in the aesthetics of the great Enlightenment philosopher Immanuel Kant. Works of art, Kant said, are 'intrinsically final': they appeal purely at the level of the imagination and aren't good for any practical utility, except and I'll return to this except the cultivation of the human spirit.

These two symptoms of craft, that craft involves the application of intelligent skill (often some kind of handwork), and that it commonly results in the production of useful objects, are uncontroversial, but they still don't get us very far in distinguishing craft from art. Because, of course, works of art in painting, in music and its performance, in poetry, and elsewhere normally require skill, and, moreover, many great works of art are also objects of enormous practical value, for example, works of architecture.

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Q: What is the difference between art and craft?
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craft is a skill in doing or making something. Fine art is the study and creation of visual works of art.

What is the quality possessed by a work of fine art thats not possessed by a craft or decorative art object?

There may or may not be a difference between "fine art" and "craft" because really the only definable answer is that of the artist's intent behind the piece. Commonly, however, "fine art" is separated from "craft" because the artists intentions behind a fine art piece is usually to express a complex emotion or opinion, whereas the usual intent behind a craft is simply for the sake of making the craft.

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fine art is art that is legitimised by educational and gallery institutions. Folk art is art that operates outside of these institutions, by people with no or little artistic education. it can replicate what is familiar to the artist through historical, religious or cultural backgrounds. can be of a craft nature, or the results of mental antagonisms.

What is the relationship between fine art and craft?

Both are a kind of art. A recreational thing.

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One way to differentiate between art and craft is to remember that art is freer and unstructured. When one creates art, they can express their emotions without limits. When one creates a craft, there is a structured way to make the object. The correct outcome is already determined.

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yes craft and art is the same thing

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Craft is when you make something useful. Art does not have to be useful.

What is the German word for craft in art?

craft in art = Geschicklichkeit im Kunsthandwerk.

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In craft, one employs learned skills to accomplish something. Technical knowledge is used to arrive at an optimal outcome. Craft becomes art when the result or accomplishment has a transcendent quality. It engages an emotion. It provokes a sense of understanding on a deeper level. In craft, the result is tangible. In art, the result is intangible.

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