What is the difference between batch and continuous process?

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If you think of baking cookies it is rather simple. When you make a batch of cookies, you usually make and bake many cookies at a time, which like it sounds is a batch process. A continuous process would be making and baking one cookie at a time.
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What is the difference between batch and interactive systems?

Answer . In old batch systems, applications were loaded by punch card or tape and run through to completion. Your job would be "scheduled" to run at a specific time. In interactive systems, the operating system allows any application to be run at any time. More important applications can be given ( Full Answer )

What is difference between unit-level and batch-level activities?

Unit-level activity have costs that are incurred for every single unit that is produced. Batch-level activity have costs that are incurred for each batch that the company is going to produce, no matter if 3 or 30 units are being produced (e.g. setup costs). This is the explanation I received from my ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between batch processing Online Processing and real-time processing?

Answer Batch processing is used when there is a lot of transactions affecting a high percentage of master file records and the the response needed is not immediate, usually until the end of the week or month. A good example of this in a large, national business, would be payroll processing, where ( Full Answer )

What is batch processing?

Batch processing is when you apply a programme to several similar files at the same time. For example the programme Irfanview allows you to convert BMP files to JPG files you can use a batch conversion option to convert many BMP files to JPG files at the same time instead of having to do each one in ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between lot number and batch number?

I think depends on how you used it? Basically they are the same. Batch is widely use in transaction while lot is use for stocks (small item, large quantity). Batch can also be use for stock in different warehouse process. Eg. 1: This batch of transactions contains lot ### to lot ###. 2: This ( Full Answer )

What is the Difference between batch and interactive processing?

Batch Processing refers to something which is done in batch.Suppose say you are using a picture editing software and you wantto make a common change in say, around 100 images, then it would bean arduous task to open each picture, make the change, save it,close it and repeat all these steps with all ( Full Answer )

Difference between batch sharing and time sharing?

The main difference between batch sharing and time sharing is that in batch sharing system tasks are processed in order in which they arrive. Whereas, in the later the system switches between tasks.

What is the difference between continual and continuous?

This is a great question because these two words are used incorrectly all the time. . Continual implies recurrence at regular or frequent intervals - for example: 'Dancing requires continual practice.' . Continual is duration that continues over a long period of time, but with intervals of interru ( Full Answer )

What is the Different between batch thread and process?

In the computer language a batch process is the method adapted bycomputers to execute a task instantly, without further influencefrom the user. This can include the printing of a document. Onother hand, thread process are processes which contain severalsteps within the batch.

What is the difference between batch processing and multiprogramming?

acc. to me,multiprogramming is based on system level and multitasking is based on user level.operating system can execute a program or application once at a time.it means the code related to other applications would be stored in operating systems but it will activate when that particular application ( Full Answer )

The difference between batch processing and real-time processing?

In real time processing the user initiates a transaction through interaction with, usually, an input screen and sends the data to be processed. The response should come back immediately for the next cycle of reading, input, sending, processing and response.. In batch processing the input records ar ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between serial processing and batch processing?

Serial Processing means that the processing that occr sequentially.Results of one action are known before a next action is considered.In the case of batch processing execution of a series of programs or jobs on a computer without mannual intervention.

What is the difference between batch system and real-time system?

(1)Batch systems execute a sequence of steps without external inputs, while real-time systems wait for user input between steps in a transaction. (2)Batch systems typically apply the same process--such as calculating a model score or assigning a customer segment--to many records in a single job, ( Full Answer )

What is batch process?

batch process is the process in which user has aauthority to set the required limitation on process value .for example in flowmetering station if user set a total flow of 30 tonn then after calculating 30 tonns totalised value will be reset and count will be one.this process is run continously but i ( Full Answer )

Distinguish between batch and online processing?

\nOnline processing happens right away. For example, the DMV clerk types information in from your license application and the special printer spits out your new license on the spot.\n. \nBatch processing happens all at once some time after the fact. For example, DMV clerks from all over the state ( Full Answer )

What are the Difference between batch production and flow production?

batch production is used when a group of identical products pass through one production process together , before moving on to next ... Flow production is continuous , conveyor belt method of production where functions are performed one by one on each unit .

What is the difference between batch processing and real-time processing?

Batch processing involved a number of similar products on a production line either being designed or manufactured. Once a batch has been completed, the production line either stops, or another patch starts. Real-time processing is done instantly, and can be referenced to JIT (Just-In-Time) Productio ( Full Answer )

Differences between Job production Batch production system?

Job production is a one time production for a specific order. The opposite of mass production. No order no production. Batch production is a mass production method where the process wait until a product is finished in a workstation before it was transfer to the next process.

Difference between batch costing and job costing?

Job Costing . Process Costing . 1. A Job is carried out or a product is produced by specific orders. 2. Costs are determined for each job. 3. Each job is separate and independent of other jobs. 4. Each job or order has a number and costs are collected against the same job number. 5. Cos ( Full Answer )

Difference between batch and continuous process?

You didn't give a context, but in an application like credit card processing a batch process collects a number of transactions into a batch and then sends them all at once at a predetermined time or as part of a manual process. A continuous process would process the cards as they were presented. In ( Full Answer )

Difference between the job costing and batch costing?

Under JOB COSTING all costs relevant tospecific jobs are maintained separately to find out the total costand revenue. Under BATCH COSTING all costs are allocated to production processin batch and there is no separate record for how much any type ofmaterial or labor allocated to which units of produc ( Full Answer )

Difference between flow shop manufacturing and batch manufacturing?

A batch or job shop strategy groups products into batch to minimize setup time at each machine. A flow shop strategy produces according to the pace of demand and hence requires more setup and swtich product accordingly. Only when setup time is significantly reduced would flow shop be possible.

Difference between encoding and batch encoding?

Encoding simply refers to the "encoding" of one single file. Batch encoding refers to setting up several files to encode one after another. It's basically automated.

What the different between fed batch fermentation and batch fermentation?

batch fermentation : fermenter is filled ONCE untilits full, (no more substrate added through reaction), no productharvesting tale place during process. Product is harvested afterthe completion of the process. fed batch : fermenter is only partly filled (certainamount of substrate is added th ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between batch and immediate data?

Batch is where you place a stack of files to be dealt with at a later time. It may help if you know what Batch means. The old computers used to use 4x8 cards with punch holes in them to program a computer. they where stacked about 200 at a time in a holder and pulled in the computer one after an ( Full Answer )

Difference between serial and batch processing?

The main difference in serial and batch processing is that serialprocessing is done in a specific sequential order while batchprocessing is not done in any specific order. Batch processing isdone a computer with out any manual intervention.

What is the difference between continuous and consecutive?

They are similar. The largest distinction I can think of is that consecutive things can be finite. Consecutive events happen in unbroken or logical sequence but are not necessarily continuous. Continuous events are ongoing. A random number generator would be continuous, but since there is no logical ( Full Answer )

What are the difference between project and continuous flow categories of process flow structure?

The project layout keeps the product in a fixed location, such as moving equipment to a bridge because it cannot be built in the factory. A continuous flow line is an automated production that follows predetermined steps. An example would be the machine at a Coke factory filling bottles, securing th ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a batch file and a script?

A batch file is just an alternate name for a command script. The only real difference is that batch files have a .BAT extension while command scripts have a .CMD extension. Command scripts simply contain a series of commands that are executed one after the other just as if you'd entered them at the ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a batch and a multitasking system?

A batch operating system is an obsolete type of OS that ranseveral jobs one at a time. As each completed, it returned to theOS, which loaded and started the next job; when a job had to waitfor an I/O device the entire computer was idle until the devicefinished its work. . A multitasking OS is a typ ( Full Answer )