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One will dye your hair blonde and one will dye your hair brown.

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Can you put blond hair dye on dark brown hair?

yes you can put blond hair dye in dark brown hair

If you are a blond and dye your hair brown will your blond hair completely wash out?

no it won't if you dye it then it won't wash out. permanet dye will work the most.

What happens to dark brown or black hair when you use blond hair dye?

It turns blond if one uses the dark to blond hair dye.

How can you get your hair a lighter shade?

you could dye it, whatever colour you want not dye it white. because it will probably go white and I think you will be upset.if you have, dark brown hair, you can dye it mouse brown.if you have blond hair dye it dark blond then dye it light blond.if you have e.g. ginger, black or grey you just need to dye it lighter, the same really

Did Eminem die his hair?

His hair is naturally brown, but he used to dye it blond.

Did Ashley Olsen dye her blond hair brown?

yes she did, Mary-kate did not

Which member of one direction wanted to dye their hair?

Niall bleaches his hair blond, but there were rumors that he wanted to dye it back to brown.

Did Demi Lovato dye her hair from blond to brown?

demi, when she was 12 or 13, dyed her hair light brown and got highlights then she let the highlights come out and let the light brown dye come out

How do you dye your hair blonde without using hair dye you want it to go from medium light brown to bleach blond but not use hair dye or bleach?

impossible ...

What colour should i dip dye my hair if I have dark brown hair?

I think bleach blond

Will temporary blond dye work on brown hair?

Not very well. It will bleach your hair slightly, but it won't go blond with one at-home kit.

What color should you dye your hair if you have dirty blonde hair?

Depends if you want a slight change you can dye it:Golden,Honey Blond or Light Brown.If yo want a dramatic change dye it *black,dark brown ,med brown or strawberry red*!

Do girls like boys with blonde hair?

Yes girl do ,but it depend on your eye colour if you have blue eyes or green you can dye your hair blond, if you have brown eyes PLEASE DO NOT dye your hair blond, guys that have brown eyes and dark hair are really "GOOD" looking :)

Why did Chris Brown dye his hair brown?

he doesn't he dyes it blond because Rhianna does it and he thinks they just might get back together because of it:{

Can you put a brown henna hair dye on blond hair with a dark brown regrow without red shine want light brown hair help?


Where can you buy blond hair dye in Manila?

You can buy blond hair dye from any department store in Manila.

What color makes light brown when you hair is red?

basicly you should be able to put a light brown dye over it and it should be the color you want because your hair color depends on all the colors in it. if you have black hair it also has brown red and blond in it, brown also has red and blond, red is just that and blond & blond is just that. so you can just go from red to brown you shouldn't need to do anything else but if you wanted to go from blond to brown you would have to use a red base other wise you wont have the red to make the brown

What is the colour of Dylan and Cole Sprouses hair?

Its naturally brown but that dye it blond but in the last week or so (march 2009) they have dyed it brown,

Can you use the sheer blonde go blonder on brunette hair?

i think u can but it wont go as blond as u want it 2 bcuz when ur hair is brown and u try to dye it blond it will make more of a strawberry blond b4 u get like "blond,blond"(:

If you already have blond highlights in your hair is it okay to dye your hair all over blond with a hair dye from a shop?


How long is Lady Gagas hair?

Her blond-white hair is a wig. She actually has brown hair that is long (not super long). She is not dumb to dye her whole hair the color blond-white.

How do you strip your hair from blonde to brown?

Why do you think you need to? BROWN is darker than BLOND hair. You just need to buy brown hair dye. You don't need to do anything to your light hair.

Did Keha dye her hair blond?

Yes she did.She used to have brown hair and even red. So,she's not a natural blonde.

Why does Niall Horan dye his hair blond?

because he wants his hair blond?

How do you dye your hair with peroxide?

spray hydrogen peroxide onto your hair. you can lighten it by standing in the sun while its on. It turns brown hair into light/orange brown and blond into golden blond. It turns black hair to a dark brown tone and red hair into ginger or ash red.