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DSL is considered to be broadband speed. There is a difference in speed between DSL and Cable. Cable is generally much faster.

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Q: What is the difference between broadband and DSL internet if any?
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What is the difference between broadband internet and dsl?

Generally speaking, broadband is a type of service which offers high speed internet services. DSL, which means digital subscriber line, is a form of broadband. However, broadband may offer other types of connectivity as well. Therefore, DSL is a service within broadband.

Difference between broadband and DSL?

Brodbands Faster

Which is better broadband or dsl?

Broadband. Many people say that there is no difference but I have had DSL and I upgraded to Broadband and there is a HUGE difference

What is the difference between dsl high speed internet and mobile broadband?

DSL high speed internet connects through your home phone landline. Mobile broadband connects through the same cellular signals that are used to connect your cellphones.

What is the comparison between ADSL and Broadband?

Speed, mainly. Broadband (cable internet) is going to be much faster than DSL.

How can one get Broadband DSL?

One can obtain broadband DSL by contacting a company that specializes in broadband services. These companies include AT&T Internet and Broadband National.

Is wireless broadband internet faster than DSL?

When comparing wireless broadband internet and DSL, Wireless Broadband(assuming it's cable,) is faster compared to DSL. However, there can be a lag in internet speed depending on how many people are using this wireless connection.

Is cable broadband internet better than DSL broadband internet?

Cable broadband internet is not always better than DSL broadband. Many times, it depends upon the company that you are using.

What is the difference between cable and broadband internet?

Cable is simply one form of broadband internet. It comes over a cable modem your provider rents you. Other types are DSL, ADSL, WiFi, Wireless, and very rarely satellite.

What is broadband DSL?

DSL(Digital Subscriber Line) is a broadband Internet connection that uses the wires of a telephone network to deliver a high-speed Internet signal.

What is the difference between internet connections including broadband?

Dial up uses your landline phone connection to get on to the internet, however it is very slow. DSL and Broadband are essentially the same and offer very quick speeds, though are more expensive.

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