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While comprehensive insurance covers both you and the party with whom you were in an accident with, liability insurance only covers the other party. Thus, you will only be insured if you are in the comprehensive plan for your part of the accident costs.


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The difference between comprehensive and non-comprehensive contract is the amount of service you get. The non-comprehensive contract does not give you service or annual maintenance, while the comprehensive one does.

Comprehensive coverage is covers the interests of the named insured. A third party insurance policy will not cover you. It only covers the interests of that named third party insured.

If you don't opt for this cover, then when a calamity does strike, you will end up paying from your pocket. for More

Progressive offers comprehensive and collision boat insurance. Both insurance types cover collisions between boats and other objects. Comprehensive insurance gives additional protection and covers cases such as a boat fire or a stolen boat.

There is only one difference between AMC and Comprehensive AMC. Comprehensive AMC is annual maintenance contract with services and AMC is only service with no maintenance included.

Third Party Insurance only covers the person you have hit in the accident, you have to pay for all the damage to your own vehicle yourself. Fully Comprehensive covers all your damage and all of the other person's damage.

Third party insurance only covers the property of the other person(s) involved in an accident, not your car. Full coverage insurance (or comprehensive insurance) also covers your car if you damage it.

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a grammer school is posh and a comprehensive school isn't :)

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individual insurance is for you, business insurance is for your business

the difference between a warranty and insurance, is a warranty is when you can return it to either get another or to just return it. insurance is when you have coverage over the object or living being.

There are all kinds of insurance. If you are referring to health insurance, check the network closely to be sure you can see your physician. Review the office co-pay and prescription plan to be sure it fits your needs. If you are speaking of auto insurance. Be sure you understand the difference between collision, comprehensive and liability insurance. It is best to contact an Insurance Agent that can give you personalized attention.

Cumulative is formed by the addition of new material of the same kind. Comprehensive is covering completely or broadly.

the difference between a proposer and the insured is that a proposer is a person or an entity who is seeking insurance and an insuerd is someone or an entity covered by an insurance policy

Homeowners insurance is often referred to as Hazard Insurance. They are the same thing.

The difference between indirect and direct quote life insurance is that the insurance level will differ. Direct is when someone dies, indirect involves other factors.

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The main difference between children's and adults health insurance is that children may be eligible for low- or no-cost insurance through Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program.

Usually the only difference between accidental death life insurance and regular life insurance is the name, although sometimes an accidental death life insurance will pay out more money if the death is accidental.

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