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Fertilization happens sooner than conception. Conception means 'to get pregnant", so females get pregnant after fertilization.

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Q: What is the difference between conception and fertillisation?
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When pollen joins with an egg is this pollination or fertillisation?

fertillisation BY GIMA FONSO 10

What is external fertillisation?

External fertillisation is a form of fertillisatin in which a sperm cell is united with an egg out side of the body:)

What is the difference between teenage pregnancy and teenage conception?

Isn't teenage pregnancy actually when the girl carries the baby for nine months, and teenage conception just the same as any other conception, when they have sex?

What is the difference between pregnancy birth and conception?

Pregnancy is the process of carrying a fetus for nine months. Birth is the process of delivering a baby. Conception is when the egg is fertilized.

What happeneds at fertillisation?

you can get a baby put in you

What is the difference between conception and implantation?

Conception is the point at which the sperm and egg meet also known as fertilisation. Implantation is when the fertilised egg reaches the uterus and implants into the lining of the uterus.

What is one difference between Miller's conception of tragedy and Aristotle's?

Miller thought it was appropriate for the tragic hero to be a common person.

What is one difference between Millers conception of tragedy and Aristotles?

miller thought it was approptiate for the tragic hero to be a common person

What is the motto of Immaculate Conception Academy-Greenhills?

The motto of Immaculate Conception Academy-Greenhills is 'I can make a difference.'.

What is the difference between conception and ovulation?

When a sperm fertilizes a egg and the egg gets implanted in the uterine wall, it is called conception whereas, when the ovaries release a egg into the fallopian tube, which they do every 28 days, it is called ovulation.

What happens during fertillisation in plants?

i think it is the think pollen in the plant

What happens first pollination or fertillisation?

pollination BY GIMA FONSO, 10

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