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Constant velocity has speed always constant along the direction with respect to time. Variable velocity changes its speed with respect to time. Constant velocity has zero acceleration. Variable velocity has non-zero acceleration .

An object moving at a constant velocity maintains both the same speed and direction.

An object moving at a variable velocity can be changing speed or direction of travel or both.

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Difference between uniform and variable velocity?

Uniform velocity basically means that the velocity is constant. It means that the velocity of a give object never changes. Variable velocity means that a given object is either accelerating or decelerating.

What difference between a pointer variable and a pointer constant?

The former is variable, the latter is constant.

What is the difference between constant speed and variable speed?

The difference is that constant speed doesn't change but variable speed does. (change)

WAP to show the difference between a variable and static variable?

difference between constant and static variables in java

What is the difference between uniform and variable velocity?

Uniform velocity is velocity unaffected by acceleration. Variable velocity is velocity affected by acceleration. Lauren "Physics above all!"

Whats the difference between a controlled variable and a variable?

The difference between a controlled variable and a variable is in their state. A controlled variable is something which is rigid and constant while a variable is liable to change and inconsistent.

What is the difference between constant speed and constant velocity?

Speed is how fast you are going. Velocity is how fast you are going and what direction you are headed in.

What is the difference between a variable and a literal in prgramming?

a literal is a constant value, the difference is a variable can change it's value.

What is difference between variable and constant?

Whether or not you can change its value.

Difference between average velocity and constant acceleration?

Avg velocity is the speed you are going. Constant acceleration is the rate you increase your speed. = =

What is the difference between a constant and a variable?

Variables are mutable. Constants are immutable.

Difference between Constant Variable and Static Variable in C?

They are entirely different things, 'constant' means: not to change its value, 'static' means 'not public' and/or 'not local' variable.

What is difference between an object moving with uniform acceleration and an object moving with a constant velocity?

If there is acceleration (uniform or otherwise, but non-zero acceleration), the velocity changes. Constant velocity means that the velocity does not change.

What is the difference between permanent gases and variable gases in the atmosphere?

The difference between permanent and variable gases is that variable gases change in response to activities in the environment, and permanent gases stay constant.

Difference between constant speed and velocity?

Speed is a scalar (Only has magnitude, no direction) Velocity is a vector (Has magnitude and direction)

What is the difference to between constant and variables?

In mathematics, a constant is a known which does not change, i.e. it stays constant. A variable is an unknown which can change depending on circumstances.

What is the difference between control and experimental variables?

Control Variable = kept in constant in a experiment Experimental Variable = changes in a experiment

Difference between variable and constant in statistics?

When referring to statistics, variable means that numbers change and can go up and down. If something is constant, numbers remain unchanged.

Is it possible to tell the difference between moving at a constant velocity and not moving at all?

No. You can't tell the difference, for one reason: There IS no difference.

What is the difference between an experimental variable and a control variable?

In a controlled experiment, the control variable remains constant while the experimental variable changes with each trial of the experiment.

What is difference between parameter and arbitrary constant?

A parameter is a variable which takes different values and, as it does, it affects the values of some other variable or variables.

What is the relationship between a variable and a constant?

By definition:a variable varies (changes) in valuea constant is constant (fixed) in value

What is the difference between constant velocity and acceleration?

Velocity is a measure of speed at any one instant and acceleration is a measure of change in speedAcceleration is defined as the rate at which velocity changes.Constant velocity doesn't change, so it's a condition of zero acceleration.

What is the difference between logistic and exponential growth?

one is constant while the other continues by growing at a variable

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