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Seed strain and total content of cellulose and natural starches and sugars are what differentiate cow corn and people corn.

Specifically, sweet corn, or "people" corn, is grown for the kernels in their most sugary state.

Cow corn may be one of two basic types:

1. Forage corn are the ears and stalks chopped up by a forage harvester machine and stored usually in a silo. It is fed to cattle, usually for the combination of cellulose - which a cow's stomach can digest - and natural sugars and starches.

2. Grain corn is left to mature until the kernels are their biggest, have dried out and have converted the sugars into starch. It is harvested generally by using a combine, which strips the hardened mature kernels from the rest of the plant. The kernels then are ground, to be used as:

a. Corn meal feed for cattle;

b. Corn meal feed for people, especially in the form of corn starch;

c. Ethanol.

Grain corn is the biggest use of corn as a crop.

Due to selective genetic breeding over a long time, different seed strains are used for the three purposes.

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Q: What is the difference between cow corn and people corn?
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