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curriculum is student centered while curriculum planning is teacher centered.

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Q: What is the difference between curriculum planning and curriculum development?
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What is inter-regional planning?

state the difference between inter and intra regional planning development

What is the difference between curriculum development and curriculum planning?

Curriculum planning involves determining what content will be covered, how it will be delivered, and when it will be taught. Curriculum development goes a step further by involving the creation or selection of specific learning resources, assessments, and teaching strategies to support the planned curriculum. Curriculum development is a more comprehensive process that encompasses the design and implementation of the educational program.

Difference between manpower planning and workforce planning?

There is absolutely no difference between manpower planning and workforce planning.

What is the difference between curriculum development and design?

Curriculum meaning is the group of subjects studied in school college etc., Design meaning is to make or draw plans for something, for ex clothes or buildings

What are the similarities between tyler and taba curriculum model?

Both the Tyler and Taba curriculum models emphasize the importance of systematic planning and organization of curriculum development. They both focus on the need for clear objectives and outcomes to guide the teaching and learning process. Additionally, both models stress the importance of collaboration between educators and stakeholders in designing and implementing the curriculum.

What is the relation between tourism planning and tourism development?

Tourism planning is the planning how to implement it. After implementation development is done.

What is the difference between curriculum and educational program?

Curriculum is to study. Program is to train.

What is difference between planning and organizing?

Differentiate between planning and organizing

What is Difference between rural development and agricultural development?


What is the difference between cbse and cbse-i?

CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education, which is the regular curriculum followed by schools in India. CBSE-i stands for CBSE International, which is an international curriculum offered by CBSE for schools outside India. The CBSE-i curriculum is designed to cater to the needs of students around the world and focuses on holistic development.

What is the difference between inventory control and inventory planning?

Their is no Difference

What is the Difference between curriculum and program?

A Programme Is Used For A Day Plan And A Curriculum is Tasks That You Plan To Do Some Time Soon