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Detergent oil has added chemicals to clean and control sludge formation. Non-detergent is plain oil. Unless you have a really old engine that hasn't been apart for 50 years you want to use detergent oil.

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The oil makes it moist!!

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Q: What is the difference between detergent non detergent oil?
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Is there a difference between gear oil and crancase oil?

Yes, gear oil is normally much heavier and is non-detergent.

Detergent or non detergent oil on a TRX250 ATV?

It has to be a non detergent oil

Does a 1985 Honda four-wheeler take detergent or non detergent oil?

Detergent! Do not use non-detergent oil.

Is all motor oil high detergent?

No, it is still possible to but non-detergent oil.No, it is still possible to but non-detergent oil.

Is 30wt the same as sae30?

No, 30 wt or 30 weight oil is a non-detergent oil whereas SAE30 is a detergent oil. Read the label on each container. Any motor oil which is non-detergent blend will be clearly marked as such. Conversely, any oil which is not specifically marked as non-detergent is by default, a detergent blend. Most non-detergent oils will be marked as ND30.

Can you use non detergent motor oil in place of detergent oil?

NO!!!! Absolutely not.

Where on an oil container can you find out if the oil is detergent or non detergent?

Most will say right on front of oil conatiner.

What does the HD mean in auto oil?

High Detergent as opposed to Non Detergent

When to use detergent vs non detergent oil?

Non-detergent oil, such as SAE 30, is not used in modern passenger vehicle engines. It is still used in some gasoline engines such as lawnmowers.

Can you run 4 stroke oil in a 2 stroke dirt bike motor?

There is no difference in 4 stroke and 2 stroke oil, except that 2 stroke uses non-detergent oil. 2 stroke oil is actually 30 weight non-detergent (30wt ND) oil. Oil with detergents will leave deposits in 2 stroke cylinders, and is not recommended.

Is iso 100 the same as sae -30 non -detergent oil?

no iso 100 is same as 40 non detergent

Is all synthetic oil non detergent?

NO, in fact just the opposite is true. Most synthetics are detergent blends. You can however buy a non detergent synthetics.