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electric potential is potential difference between two points in closed circuit.

but electromotive force is potential difference in any open circuit.

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Q: What is the difference between electrical potential and electromotive force?
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What does voltage mean in science?

It is defined as electromotive force, and the difference in electrical potential between 2 points in a circuit. It has also been explained as the pressure in an electrical circuit.

Which is more common in practical cases electric potential or potential difference?

EMF (electromotive force) is more useful, in fact vital, for any electrical or electronic circuit. At school level your teacher would not make a distinction (and probably doesn't know the difference, or even realise there is one) between electromotive force and potential difference. In answer to a school question, it's potential difference.

Difference between voltage and emf?

'Voltage' is simply another term for 'potential difference', and an electromotive force is the open-circuit, or no-load, potential difference of a source such as a battery or generator.

What cause an electric current to move through a wire?

An electromotive force or potential difference between its ends.

What causes the flow of electric current?

Electromotive force (potential difference, voltage) between two points of a conductor.

A difference between electric forces and gravitational forces is that electrical forces include?

Electro-magnetism, or the electromotive force - EMF.

Define voltage in electrical?

Voltage (of a circuit) as defined in the NEC: n. The greatest root-mean-square(rms) (effective) difference of potential between any two conductors of the circuit concerned. Voltage as defined by Webster's: n. Electromotive force or potential difference, usually expressed in volts.

What is the difference in electrical potential energy between two places in an electrical field?


What does volt measure?

Voltage measures the electrical potential between two parts of an electrical circuit. Also called electromotive force. Voltage provides the 'pressure' to drive electrons round a circuit.

What is the difference between EMF and terminal PD?

An electromotive force is the potential differenceappearing across the terminals of a battery, generator, etc., when that device is not supplying any load. When the device is supplying a load current, the electromotive force is equal to the sum of the voltage drops around the complete circuit, including any internal voltage drop.A potential difference (also known as a 'voltage'), as the name implies, is the difference in potential between two points.

What is the difference in electrical charge between two regions on a nerve?

potential difference- robbert bashouri

Uses of voltmeter?

A voltmeter is used to measure the difference in electric potential ("voltage") between two points, usually but not necessarily in an electrical circuit..