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Fire crackers are on the ground and small. Ex fountains, ground bloom flowers, ash snakes, black cats. Fire works are in the sky and are big. Ex think of Canada day or you towns summer celebration festivity.

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Q: What is the difference between firecrackers and sparklers?
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What was gun powder originally used for?

Fireworks. Rockets, firecrackers, sparklers, fountains.

What are the main types of fireworks?

Rockets, aerial shells, mines, cakes, firecrackers, wheels, fountains (gerbs), lancework, Roman candles and sparklers.

Are fire crackers illegal in Georgia?

ANSWER:When I lived in riverdale which is 8 miles north of there, exploding firecrackers isn't illegal, but owning fireworks is. Fireworks are illegal to own by Georgia laws, but sparklers, firecrackers, roman candles are not.

What states are firecrackers illegal?

Fireworks are illegal in every state, but only thing permitted is sparklers. Any fireworks can be legal to display/light if you have Pyrotechnic License.

Are firecrackers allowed in New York?

All amateur fireworks (including sparklers) are completely and totally illegal in New York State. Only pyrotechnic professionals with applicable permits may use fireworks.

Where can you buy sparklers?

We can help you with all your sparkler needs. We carry all kinds of sparklers from wedding sparklers to bottle sparklers to champagne sparklers. We have a large variety for you to choose from at a great price. You can visit us at

What the most injuries every year bottle rockets or sparklers?

Most likely sparklers, if its anything

Are fireworks illegal in Virginia?

Only Non-Safe and Sane are illegal in Virginia Safe and Sane= Objects that don't fly or explode like sparklers, smoke, and fountains etc. Non-S.S.= firecrackers, parachutes, rockets etc.

Are firecrackers legal in Colorado?

NO firecrackers are not legal in Colorado

What the most injuries every year bottle rockets or sparklers for the Fourth of July?


Are firecrackers legal in the UK?

Firecrackers are legal in the UK but fireworks are not Legal. So you can bye fireworks in the UK but not firecrackers.

How do glassine envelopes differ from other envelopes?

The difference between glassine envelopes and regular envelopes is that the first ones are water and air resistant, that is why they have different uses, such as carrying pharmacy products or firecrackers.