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What is the difference between flash disk and flash drive?


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Flash disk is a storage while flash drive is a path.

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Flash Disk is the plate where information is being stored, whereas, flash drive is a passage through which flash disk is being pass through to copy information.

The difference between a drive and disk is that a drive is used to read a disk whether it be a floppy disk or a compact disk.

Asuming what you mean by drive is disk drive : Drive is where you put disk into...

There is difference between SATA and PATA HDD but no difference between the formatting..

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A PERMANENT HARD DISK DRIVE AND A REMOVABLE HARD DISK DRIVE A permanent drive is in housed in the system while the removable one is externally fixed. Basically they perform the same functions.

USB flash drive,Hard disk drive

A hard drive is a form of magnetic disk.

they are the same thing... The Hard Disk is the magnetic disk that stores the bytes, the Drive is the mechanism that writes the data to the disk.

The difference between a hard disk drive and a floppy disk drive are significant. A hard drive is generally significantly bigger than a floppy drive. A hard drive has many more moving parts.

A floppy disk is a magnetic disk used to store computer data. A floppy drive is the drive that the disk is inserted into to read and write data on the floppy disk.

Yes, any data that can be stored on a hard drive can also be stored on a flash disk. A flash disk can even be configured with a boot sector and you can "boot" your computer from the flash disk.

a floydisk usually saves things and a hard drive is something you plug in

Yes you can if the flash drive is big enough.

In a sense, no! The SanDisk Corporation, is an American multinational corporation that designs and manufactures flash memory card products. San Disk is a name brand for that Product.The Flash Drive is also known as:Memory StickFlash DriveFlash StickThumb DriveUsb StickUsb DriveJump DrivePen Drive

A SATA drive is a drive that uses the Serial Advanced Technology Attachment interface. It typically is an internal drive, but not always. It typically stores a large amount of information and is not portable. A flash drive, on the other hand, is a portable external drive that uses the USB interface. Its main advantage is its portability, not its capacity.

The flash drive. The flash drive, in my opinion, is better anyway because with a disk you have to burn info on it. Then, to change something, you either get a new disk or unburn it (if possible).

A Floppy disk is a disk put inside of the computer to save information. A pen drive is a USB connection to a portable storage device.

A flash drive has no moving parts. The disks rotate as the data is read.

A hard disk is when it is saved onto multiple floppy style disks. A solid state or Flash disk is when it is saved onto memory chips, this is alot faster than normal hard disks.

it does not work because the flash drive is formatting, which will to complet eradication of every suff in the fash drive.

No. A disk drive can use one of several methods of storing data, including magnetic, Flash, and optical.

I don't think you can with USB; with a FireWire flash drive you can use another computer's target disk mode.

Hard Drive, Flash Drive, Compact Disk(CD Drive)

A USB Flash Drive by Any Other Name-- finger stick -- memory stick-- pen drive-- disk-on-key--jump drive

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