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When using refill pen we have to give some force to write.but that's not need for gel pen.

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What is difference between ball-pen and gel-pen?

ball pen is ink. gel pen is a gel-like ink.. but not ink itself.

Is cello pen a gel pen?

A cello pen is formed as a gel pen some arn't but the cello gelly pen is.

Which is better add gel pen or add gel cat pen?

both the pens are of the same company but the add gel pen is the best

What is the difference between a computer mouse and a light pen?

Can you give me the answer of difference between mouse and light-pen.

What is better ballpoint pen or gel pen?

Gel pen because it doesn't leak as much. They're both the same really, but I think gel is better.

What is the difference between a pen and a pencil?

you can sharpen a pencil and not a pen a pen has ink and a pencil does not.

History of gel pens?

gel pen were invented by sackura

Why did pen refill get stuck in pilot pen?

Cos you pushed it too far into the pen :P

You buy these for your pen and it fills with ink?


What do you buy to refill your pen?

ink refills

How do you get a gel pen to work?

press it to the papaer and write as if itwere a "normal" pen....if it doesn't work, the gel is proabably dried up

What is the difference between spare part and accessory?

Accessory - It is a necessary things need to work equipment properly or perfectly.Simple example we purchase one pen, it should with pen cap.Think, with out cap off-course we can write.But it is not a perfect pen.So pen cap is an accessory coming with pen. Spare parts- It is some extra part coming with equipment to future use. Example: Pen refill

What is the price of Reynolds trimax pen?

Renoylds' Trimax pen costs rs. 35...but the price of the refill is around rs. 15. You may also refill it yourself with fountain pen ink, if you want.

What is difference between joystick and pen input?


What is difference between integral pen drive and usb memory stick?

There is no difference

Can you refill a uniball pen with an ink cartridge?

no u can not

What is the difference between pen drive and thumb drive?

There is not a difference between a pin drive and a thumb drive.

What are the difference between a quill pen and a Biro?

a quill pen has mor ink than a biro

How do you use the word refill in a sentence?

The explorers stopped at a stream to refill their canteens. You can still buy an ink refill for an expensive ballpoint pen.

What is the difference between a ball pen and a regular pen?

A ballpoint pen is just a pen with a cap. A regular pen is one that clicks. They both work the same though.

Will a gel pen mark cause cancer?


Where can you buy a white gel pen?


Why did he invent the fountain pen?

so the ink would be easier to refill the pen with more ink

How do you get a gel pen to work when the ink in dried?

Lick or add water to the end of the pen.

What do you buy for you pen to fill it with ink?

A refill of the same kind of pen. Otherwise buy a new one.