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What is the difference between herds and packs?

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Q: What is the difference between herds and packs?
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Did protoceratops live in packs or herds?

Generally, herbavourous animal groups are referred to as herds, so Protoceratops lived in small herds.

Do Horses Travel in Packs?

yes, they travel in herds.

Do polar bears hunt in packs or in herds?

No, they are solitary hunters.

Do warthogs live in packs?

They live in groups called herds.

Do llamas travel in packs?

they are pack animals and live in herds

What is the difference between sims expansion packs and stuff packs?

expansion pack expands the game. stuff packs give you items

What are the interelationships of a horse?

well an interrelationship of a horse is um well they travel in herds and in packs

Do dogs migrate?

In certain parts of the world, wolf packs migrate with the herds they eat from.

Do owls live in packs herds or alone?

snow owles migrate alone

What is the difference between the call of duty black ops map packs?

They are different

What is the differences between and the patches and the service packs?

There is a difference between patches and service packs. Service packs contain the complete part of the software being updated. Patches contain a small bit of information that will correct an error.

Do mustangs horses travel in packs or alone?

Mustangs typically travel in herds, but they will travel alone if they have to.