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What is the difference between humoral immunity and cell-mediated immunity?

how they respond to and dispose of invaders.

What are the difference between antiviral immunity and anti bacterial immunity?

mostly antiviral immunity is the result of cell mediated immunity and antibacterial immunity is result of humoral immunity

What is the Differentiate between Humoral mediated immune response and cellular mediated immune response?

The difference between humoral immunity and cell-mediated immunity is that humoral immunity uses B cells and T cells whereas mediated immunity only uses the T cells. Also humoral immunity provides a defense against antigens and pathogens in body fluids whereas cell-mediated immunity protects from abnormal cells and pathogens inside living cells.

What are mediators of Humoral immunity?

Humoral immunity is mediated by antibodies.

Is Acquired Immunity the same as Humoral Immunity?

Actually acquired immunity consists of "humoral immunity" and "cell mediated immunity. Acquired immunity is the same with adaptive immunity, it is when the antibodies are produced within the bodies after the exposure of pathogen. Humoral immunity secreted antibodies while cell mediated immunity involves in production of T lymphocytes.

Humoral immunity is carried out by?


A circulating antibody is what?

humoral immunity...

What is humoral immunity carried out by?


Which immune system consists of cellular immunity and humoral immunity?


What immunity are B cells responsible for?


What immunity is where resistance is provided by antibodies released to body fluids?

humoral immunity

What are two types of immune responses?

CURRYAnswer:It is humoral immunity, and cell-mediated immunity.

What is specific immunity?

Passive immunity is the transfer of active humoral immunity in the form of readymade antibodies, from one individual to another

What type of cell acts as an intermediary between humoral and cell-mediated immunity?

helper T cell

What type of immunity are b cells and antibodies?

Part of humoral

What cells are involved in humoral immunity?

helper t cell

What are the two components of specific immunity?

Humoral Immunity- acquired immunity in which the role of circulating antibodies is predominant. Natural Immunity- the resistance of the normal animal to infection

Explain passive humoral immunity and give in your response?

becaues cpom

B cells plasma cells and antibodies are part of?

Humoral immunity

What are B cells plasma cells and antibodies a part of?

Humoral immunity

Which of the following is the cell type responsible for humoral immunity?

T cell

What immunity depends upon the production of disease-specific antibodies to destroy harmful bacteria?

humoral immunity

What region in the immunoglobulin response to different antigens?

There are two types of immunity Humoral & Cell-mediated ; in humoral immunity plasma cells produces specific antibodies against a particular antigen that may invade the boby.

How can passive immunity develop?

Passive immunity occurs with the transfer of active humoral immunity of ready made antibodies, from person to person, from mother to child in utero.

Immune response involving T-cell lymphocytes?

humoral immunity

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