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Q: What is the difference between isolators and conductors?
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What are conductors and isolators?

Conductors are devices that conducts or transmit heat, electricity, or sound. (An example would be a lightning rod.)Isolators are devices that detect short circuits and isolates them.

What are the difference MCB and CB?

The main difference between MCB, RCCB, and Isolators Isolators are generally used in power system while on the other hand, MCB is the circuit breaker. Isolators are manually-operated device, and on the contrary, the circuit breaker is the automatically-operated device.

What is a ground fault?

difference in current between hot and neutral conductors

What is the difference between resistance and insulation?

Resistor is a current a insulator is a not conductive and conductors can conduct.

How do you know the difference between conductors and insulators?

Yes I do, a thermal insulator keeps in the heat

What is the difference between conductive and non-conductive?

Conductive materials: they are good conductors of heat or electricity. Nonconductive materials: they are not good conductors of heat or electricity.

Can there be a potential difference between two conductors that carry like charges of the same magnitude?

no there cant

How do you create a potential difference?

Potential difference arises between two conductors when there is a difference in the charge content between them. So, to create it u can take out or pump in charges, which is the job done by a battery.

Difference between solid and stranded conductors?

In a solid conductor there will be only one conductor ,but in stranded conductors there are several conductors twisted together to make a whole conductor ,this is mainly done to increase flexibility of the Conductor .

The difference between conductors and insulators in how they react to electrical charges?

Expressed that way, it is somewhat confusing. The difference is how well they conduct electrical currents.

What is difference between barriers and isolators?

Barriers may refer to any physical structure that has the function to impede something to go further. Isolators usually refer specially to electricity and thermal objects or devices. On electricy, there are several isolating degrees, whereas on thermic issues, different class of isolators are designed to provide a protection against heat or cold. When we are talking about barriers and isolators many types of them must be considered. There are barriers on medicine, on psychology, on sociology, and practically on all types of science. But they aren't, of course, physical barriers. while isolators are. An electrical isolator can't isolate all voltages. A barrier can't impede everything, unless it was designed for a specific task.

What is the difference between metals and nonmetals in regards to how they conduct electricity?

Metals generally are good conductors of electricity, and nonmetals are not.