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Jazz dancing is stricter in form and much more structured compared to hip hop dancing. The moves in jazz dancing are sassy and slow compared to the upbeat moves of hip hop.

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Q: What is the difference between jazz dance and hip hop?
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What is the similarities between jazz and hip hop dance?

if jazz is waltz then they have a lot in simalar but you tell me is jazz hip hop

What is the difference between hip hop and krump dance?

Krumping is a form of hip hop dance

What is jazz funk dance?

Funk jazz is just like jazz but with a combinition of hip hop

What type of dance is in Cinderella story?

hip hop/jazz

What Dance Does Justin bIEBER do?

Hip hop or street jazz

What style of dance did Michael Jackson do?

A mixture of Jazz and hip hop.

What is the funest type of dance?

I think the funnest type of dance is jazz. I also take hip hop and ballet so it is like a mix between the two, which is really cool. Jazz is fun if you like to do kicks and combinations across the floor. Overall i think jazz dance is the funnest.

Is jazz dance and hip hop dance the same?

absolutely not. because with hip-hop you flex your feet (you don't point them), you dance more to the beat and it was created on the streets. with jazz you have to point your toes, perform leaps and it is judged more harshly.

Examples of Occupational dance?

there is Ballet,irish dance, Scottish, norweigein,jazz, hip hop and more

What type of dance does dance mom Miami do.?

All styles, but Mostly Jazz/Hip-Hop. Twitter: @BrittanyCreechh

Dance example of occupational dances?

there is ballet,irish dance, Scottish, norweigein,jazz, hip hop and more

Should you take Jazz or hip hop dance?

Jazz and hip hop are two completely different dances. Hip hop is more if you like being freestyle and making sharp moves, and hip hop costumes are sweats and a sweater or a t-shirt etc. Jazz dance requires precision. You must point toes and do split leaps etc. Jazz and ballet go together. If you take ballet, it will improve the way you do in any other dance. Jazz is an upbeat and fun version of ballet.

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