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Liquor Is Distilled Into Ethyl Alcohol And Water. Liqueur Is A Combination Of Distilled Beverages, Rum ect With Fruit, Syrup, ect Added. The Stuff That Makes You Real Sick. Hope This Helps The first answer is a great start but, this information may also be helpful. Liquor is a generic term for any distilled beverage. While it is required that liqueur be sweetened . The liqueur must contain at least 2.5% minimum sugar by weight. Even at 10% sugar content the liqueur is not super sweet so, on occasion the term dry may be used on the label. The sugar may come ifrom many surces some examples would be beet sugar, honey etc..


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Sugar content, liqueur has to have a high sugar by law..

I'm not sure about this because English isn't my mothertongue, but I think liquor is the common name for booze (anything alcoholic) and liqueur is an originally French drink which is always very sweet and has a high percentage of alcohol.

Kemmel is a liqueur not a liquor.

Vodka is a liquor, a relatively unmodified distilled spirit. A liqueur is a strong highly-flavored sweet liquor, usually drunk after a meal

There is no difference, the terms are used interchangeably.

Liquor that starts with F includes: Framboise (raspberry liqueur) Fino (Spanish sherry) Frangelico (Italian hazelnut liqueur)

liqueur are spirit or wine based mixed drinks flavoured with various fruits, herbs or other flavouring substances.they are normally sweet .And Aperitif are wine based ,fortified with various types of liquor and flavoured with herbs and other flavouring.

Depends on what the liquor is. There are different types for different liquors.

Liqueur is beer whiLe Beer is Liquer ! TAnga BOBO !! UTO UTO

By general definition, it is a liquor. Specifically speaking, it's a liqueur.

Amaretto liqueur may be found in most liquor stores. A popular and mass distributed brand of amaretto liqueur is DiSorono.

Godiva Chocolate Liqueur is scrumptious!

Grand Marnier is a liqueur.

It's a spirit, which belongs to the latter.

Vodka is a spirit, which is a type of liquor, but all liquor isn't vodka.

Schnapps has more alcohol content but less sugar. Liqueur is sweeter and has less alcohol by volume

If by liquor you mean hard liquor then the main difference is distillation. Wine is just fermented while hard liquor is distilled.

bitters Absinthe Vermouth An aromatic liquor, liqueur or wine is one that has been infused with, herbs and or barks.

Yes! Cocoa liquor has no alcohol content. However cocoa liqueur does.

Drambuie is a Scotch based liqueur, meaning it's sweet.

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