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the continental air is found in high temperature regions. the maritime air is found in low temperature regions.

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Q: What is the difference between maritime and continental air masses?
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What are the main types of air masses?

Maritime polar, maritime tropical, continental polar, & continental tropical

What are the 5 types of air masses?

The five types of air masses are continental arctic, continental polar, maritime polar, maritime tropical, and continental tropical. These five air masses determine weather in a given region.

What are four types of air masses that affected the US?

maritime polar, continental polar, maritime tropical, and continental tropical

Continental polar maritime polar continental tropical and maritime tropical are types of?

Those are types of air masses.

Which air masses have warm moist air?

Maritime tropical air masses have warm, moist air.

What are the 6 major air masses in the US?

I believe there are only 5 different air masses in the US: 1. Arctic Polar 2. Continental Polar 3. Maritime Polar 4. Continental Tropical 5. Maritime Tropical Hope this helped!

What are characteristics used to classify air masses?

maritime and continental.

What are the 4 main types of air masses that affect weather?

maritime polar, maritime tropical, continental tropical, and continental polar

What is five types of air masses?

the four different types of air masses are continental polar,and tropical. maritime tropical, and polar. the 5 kinds ofair masses are: Cp: continental polar Ct: continental tropical Ca: continental artic Mp: maritime polar Mt: maritime tropical (Ma:maritime artic) maritime artic is much less common than the other air masses, because very cold air is less likely to be moist.

What are the major types of air masses in North America and how do they move?

There are 4 types of air masses in North America: maritime tropical, maritime polar, continental tropical, and continental polar. In the continental United States, air masses are moved by the prevailing westerlies and the jet streams.

What are all the tips of air masses?

continental, maritime, tropical, and poler

What conditions describe air masses?

Tropical & Arctic or Continental & Maritime