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The band is My Chemical Romance. MCR is the abbreviation.

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Q: What is the difference between mcr and your chemical romance?
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What does mcr the band mean?

Mcr means my chemical romance!!

What is MCR real name?

It is My Chemical Romance.

Hawthrone heights or my chemical romance?

Defenetly My Chemical Romance. Hawthorne Heights is not as good as mcr. MCR ROCKS. Hawthorne heights does not have music as good as mcr. Hawthorne heights is a pretty good band too but MCR is #1. MCR IS NUMBER ONE!!!!!! I Love mcr

What nicknames does My Chemical Romance go by?

My Chemical Romance goes by MCR, My Chem, and The Black Parade.

What does The Band mean?

Mcr means my chemical romance!!

What song did Green Day and your Chemical Romance sing together?

itz not yur chemical romance you dumbo itz my chemical romance ! AKA MCR OR MY CHEM ! <3

What are the names of the your chemical romance games that used to be on their site?

MCR Sweet Revenge

What does bob out of your chemical romance not like?

Spiders, although Bob is no longer in MCR

Were can you buy a killjoy mask?

You can buy mcr bandannas on the my chemical romance website

What does MCR mean?

MCR means several things. It's a stock company, a microchip, and a band. You put it under the musicians, so I would assume you mean the band. MCR stands for My Chemical Romance. It is taken from 'Three Tales of a chemical romance.' which is a book about drug addiction.

What is My Chemical Romance's A patchworked telegram bale?

Welcome To The Black Parade mcr had typos :\

Who wrote 'The Ghost of You' by My Chemical Romance?

Gerard Way writes all the MCR songs