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Medically underwritten coverage requires a questionaire, in which case pre-existing conditions may not be covered. Guaranteed issue is like an "existing medical condition blind" policy. It may have less coverage, and cost more, because the insurer is taking a bigger chance on the individual applicant.

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Q: What is the difference between medically underwritten and guaranteed coverage?
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Is an insurance company required to provide health insurance to an individual?

That depends on where you live and what kind of coverage you are looking for. In almost all circumstances an insurance company can not refuse to cover an employee on a company plan. If you are looking for individual coverage then it will depend on if your state guarantees coverage. While it is nice to have coverage guaranteed for all, it is almost always more expensive in those states. Here in CA individual coverage is fully underwritten, meaning you can be denied. Consequently, those they do cover they can do so for less. If you are in an underwritten state and are declined check to see if there is a state high risk pool you can join. If not, look at a guaranteed acceptance defined benefit plan. If you need help please let me know (

Can you buy medical insurance if you were diagnoised with MS in the past 3 years but have no symptoms?

Most likely the MS would render you ineligible for medically underwritten plans, check with the certain companies to be sure. Be up front with the agent about your MS condition to save yourself the time of going through the application process. The agent cannot deny coverage but they can tell you whether or not you are eligible. Also, do a search on "Guaranteed Issue" plans in your state.

Is there a life insurance company that will cover you regardless of your health?

There are some insurance carriers that will issue coverage regardless of your health. Most guarantee issue life policies come with waiting periods, though. For example, let's say you buy a policy on the life of your father that has terminal cancer. The policy may not pay a death benefit for 3 years. This is in contrast to an underwritten plan that pays a death benefit after it is issued. Another difference between guaranteed issue policies and an underwritten plan is that most guaranteed issue policies are high priced-low death benefit (less risk for the carrier) whole life policies. So while guarantee issue policies have their use for many people, there are significant differences between them and underwritten plans.

What should I ask before obtaining a guaranteed issue coverage?

You should ask what the benefits are, what is covered, the amount of premiums. Typically guaranteed issue coverage has a higher premium than other type of coverage. Also ask if it is a temporary ot permenant coverage.

Does Guaranteed Coverage mean guaranteed to anyone regardless of lack of coverage in the past and immigration status?

It means guaranteed if you meet the "qualifications." m is guaranteed IF you have been denied in the private market, resident - Mr. Mip doesn't ask immigration status, can't be eligible for Medicare, can't be eligible for COBRA, If you're talking about Group Coverage - I've never seen immigration status come up, lack of coverage in the past is not an issue to get coverage. It might be if the new policy has a pre-x clause, as prior coverage counts.

Can you get disability insurance after a disability?

You can get disability coverage after a disability under certain conditions. It depends upon the cause of your disability and how long you have been recovered. Each carrier has different underwriting standards. Some insurers will offer a guaranteed issue to employer groups. Your ability to get coverage will depend upon the required percentage of eligible employees electing coverage. Obtaining private disability insurance after sustaining a disability may be more tricky, because disability insurance is medically underwritten. From the insurer's perspective, it does not have the same "law of large numbers" with an individual policy (because only one person is insured), as it does in a group disability policy. In most cases, the initial disability will be ridered (meaning that there will be no coverage for it, and perhaps, related causes).

What happens when a Policy is surrendered for its cash value?

Coverage ends. If you wish to reinstate it, you must reapply to the insurer and be re-underwritten inder current inderwriting guidelines.

What is Guaranteed issue life insurance?

Guaranteed issue life insurance is life insurance that is guaranteed acceptance. That means if you apply you are guaranteed to be accepted for life insurance coverage. However, you usually have to be a certain, like 45-75. Also, the amount of coverage is not fully available until 1-2 years after you own the policy - this is called graded benefit life insurance.

What should I consider when purchasing a guaranteed life insurance package?

When purchasing guaranteed life insurance, you should consider whether you want to purchase guaranteed whole life or guaranteed term life. Benefits and coverage never change with guaranteed whole life. Guaranteed term life has lower premium, can be used to pay off high debt and no medical exam is needed. In addition, when purchasing guaranteed life insurance there is a waiting period before you receive full coverage, and you’re covered for a specific time period.

Is a person guaranteed media coverage in a trial?

There is no guarantee of media coverage. It isn't a right, it only occurs when the trial is of interest to the general public.

Can you be denied coverage for gastric bypass if it is medically necessary?

AnswerIt depends on the terms of the insurance. Read the coverage document to determine if it specifically covers the procedure in question.ANSWERIf it is deemed medically necessary & your insurance co turns you down you have every right to appeal their decision!AnswerIf its an exclusion of the policy then it doesn't matter if its medically necessary or not.

Does medicaid cover having a water birth?

Medicaid is administered by the States and therefore coverage varies somewhat. However, in general, Medicaid coverage is limited to goods and services that are medically essential to diagnose, prevent or treat disease. It seems unlikely that water birth would be considered medically essential for most patients.

What is the relationship between medical necessity and insurance coverage?

If a procedure is not considered "medically necessary" (i.e. is considered elective), most insurance companies will not pay for the procedure, or will provide only minimal coverage

Difference between live match or event coverage and exclusive coverage?

Exclusive coverage is locked only to certain broadcasters...

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What is guaranteed insurability?

Guaranteed Insurability refers to a person who is insured on a life insurance policy. Guaranteed Insurability guarantees the insured person to purchase additional life insurance coverage without having to take a physical examination or showing any other evidence of insurability. Additional life insurance coverage may be purchased at a stated time in the future. Some life insurance policies offer the opportunity to purchase additional guaranteed life insurance coverage on certain anniversary dates of their life insurance policy, such as, every fifth year of the policy up to a maximum age of 40, 45, or 50. In addition, the insured person may be able to purchase additional guaranteed life insurance coverage upon the birth of a child in the insured's family.

Do you have guaranteed issue health insurance?

No about 'almost' guaranteed issue coverage? I have plans with as little as one knock-out question and several with just a few disqualifiers. What state do you live in ans what is your issue?

Is there a true difference to consider when choosing a wireless internet service provider?

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What is the difference between wind coverage and hurricane coverage?

A hurricane is a "named storm". If you do not have a named storm exclusion then your wind coverage will cover hurricane damage.

What is the policy for changings jobs and having a pre existing condition?

This depends on whether or not your new employer will be providing you with coverage. If the new employer will provide you with group coverage, then you will have an exclusion for 1 full year from the effective date of the new coverage. During this first year, you will have limited coverage for the pre-existing condition. After 1 year, the pre-existing condition will be covered at 100%.If your new employer is not providing you with a group plan than you will need to obtain individual coverage. Individual Disability coverage is fully underwritten and will likely exclude any pre-existing conditions. If the condition is severe enough, you may even be declined coverage.

Does the employer pays the premium for the COBRA coverage?

No, when Cobra goes into effect, the (former) employee pays the entire portion of the premium. Although possibly very expensive, the coverage is guaranteed and possibly at better rates than going out to buy individual coverage since it is a group plan.

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