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one is modern

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Q: What is the difference between modern age and ancient age?
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What is the difference between ancient age and modern age?

one is modern

What is the difference between ancient and modern?

The Ancient period of history is generally accepted as ending 500 CE, followed by the Dark Age, then Middle Age and Modern Age.

Difference between modern days transportation and olden day?

transport difference in olden age & modern age

What is the similarity between vedic age and modern age?

difference between vedic age and moderen age

What is the difference between medieval and modern day weapons?

Middle Age's= Jab, slash, hack Modern = Bang, boom, explode.

What is the difference between stone age and modern age?

They hunted animals and gathered berries. Nobody knows exactly what they had for customs, or beliefs.

What is the difference between Middle age and modern day clothing?

Women wore more of skirts and dresses.

What are the difference between stone age and modern world?

The modern world has a lot of new technology that did not exist in the stone age. As a result, virtually everything about human existence has changed.

What is the age difference between Shakespeare and his wife?

The age difference between them was 8 years.

What are the different ages in history?

ancient age, medieval age and modern age are the different ages.

What is the difference between medieval and ancient age weapons?

Medeval weapons are most likley to be used as nights in the AD period not BC like in the atient age! -Colin202

What should be age difference between ideal couple for marriage?

The ideal age difference should be between 4 and 7.

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