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An object moving with uniform acceleration has a uniform change in velocity over time, and its velocity-time graph will be a straight line with either a positive or negative slope.

An object moving with no acceleration has constant velocity, and its velocity-time graph will be a straight, horizontal line with zero slope.

Refer to the related link for illustrations.

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What is difference between an object moving with uniform acceleration and an object moving with a constant velocity?

If there is acceleration (uniform or otherwise, but non-zero acceleration), the velocity changes. Constant velocity means that the velocity does not change.

How is the acceleration of an object in uniform circular motion constant?

How is the acceleration of an object in uniform circular motion constant

Why does a body need uniform acceleration?

From a kinematic perspective, whenever an object's velocity changes at a constant rate it is in uniform acceleration.From a dynamic perspective, whenever the net force on an object is constant the object will undergo uniform acceleration.

What does uniform linear motion mean?

It means the object has NO ACCELERATION.

What is uniform acceleration in physics?

Uniform, or constant, acceleration is a type of motion in which the velocity of an object changes equal amounts in equal time periods.

When will you say a body is in uniform acceleration and non uniform acceleration?

"Uniform acceleration" means that acceleration doesn't change over time - usually for a fairly short time that you are considering. This is the case, for example, when an object drops under Earth's gravity - and air resistance is insignificant. "Non-uniform acceleration", of course, means that acceleration does change over time.

Explain the difference between positive and negative acceleration?

Positive acceleration results in the object speeding up, such as a car going from 0mph to 30mph. Negative acceleration is the object decelerating, such as using the brake in a car.

What is the difference between Velocity and Acceleration of an object?

Velocity is the rate of change of distance with time, acceleration is the rate of change of velocity with time.

What is the difference between speed and acceleration in phisycs?

Speed - is something moving at a constant rate. Acceleration is an increase of the rate an object is moving.

What is the cause and effect relationships between force and acceleration?

energy translation between force supplier and object, apply force over distance then work done (f*d) is translated into kinetic energy (0.5m*V^2) uniform force = uniform acceleration

What is acceleration of the object moving with uniform velocity?

"Uniform velocity" means constant speed in a straight line.That's a good working definition of zeroacceleration.

What is different between uniform motion and uniform speed?

I think it's the spelling! hehe, joke...Uniform motion and uniform speed have no exact difference since one is always linked to the other just like the word "change" to acceleration ( Acceleration takes place when there's a change in velocity neither decreasing nor increasing). Therefore, they are directly proportional with each other. When the speed is uniform, the motion is also uniform. When an object is in motion, you may ask "how fast does it move?" and you are now talking about the speed, the magnitude. So when the average speed of an object is uniform, it is safe to say that the motion is also uniform. [=

Example for uniform acceleration?

1. You will have a uniform acceleration of about 9.8 meters/second2 when an object is in free fall near the Earth's surface - for example, when you drop an object, and air resistance can be ignored. 2. Any situation where the force is constant. 3. Uniform acceleration is often assumed for simplicity, for example, when accelerating a car.

What is the difference between uniform motion and uniformly accelerated motion?

In uniform motion, object travel at fixed and constant speed and uniformly accelerated motion the speed of the object increases uniformly.

What is difference between the mass of an object and the weight of an object?

the weight, W, of an object is the mass , m, of the object times the acceleration of gravity. From Newton's Law W = ma

How is uniform acceleration related to acceleration due to gravity?

Gravity causes an object to accelerate at a constant rate of 9.8 m/s/s. Making it uniform acceleration because it increases speed at a constant rate.

What will be accelaration if velocity is uniform?

For velocity to be truly uniform, the object must be moving in a straight line. If that is the case then the acceleration is Zero.

Why is uniform circular motion considered acceleration?

Acceleration is defined as the change in velocity divided by the time ora = (vf - vi)/tVelocity measures the speed and the direction of an object.In uniform circular motion, the object has the same speed but it is always changing direction and so, by the definition of acceleration, the object is considered accelerating. If this acceleration doesn't exist, the object would move in a straight line according to Newton's laws of motion.

What's the difference between instantaneous velocity and instantaneous acceleration?

Instantaneous velocity is the rate at which an object is moving in a uniform direction, distance per unit time, at any given instant in time. instantaneous acceleration is the rate at which an object's velocity is changing at any given instant in time

Cite some situations where in a body is moving with uniform acceleration?

An object falling from height falls down with uniform acceleration as gravitational force is constantly acting on the object and increases the speed of the object uniformly. Second situation in witch you may get it when you start a non gear scooter and slowly go on increasing the speed. Of course this is subjective and pure uniform acceleration can be achieved very rarely but this is how it can be explained most easily.

Difference between gravity and upthrust?

Thrust is the quantity of force acted by a type of engine on an object which results in acceleration.

When will the average acceleration be equal to instantaneous acceleration?

Average acceleration will be equal to instantaneous acceleration when an object has an uniform acceleration throughout its motion. Example : A car accelerating at 1m/s2 uniformly in a straight line.

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