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What is the difference between oracle exadata and oracle database?


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Oracle database is software only.

Oracle Exadata is the Oracle database provided on various pre-configured hardware devices. A plug-n-play Oracle database if you will.


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Oracle is a database corporation that has many products such as Database, BI and ERP

Oracle is one of the popular database and DBA (DataBase Administrator) is the person who maintain the database (install oracle software, create,setup,maintain database)

no. of database rules they follow.

Oracle dba is the person administering the oracle database, and where as oracle application dba is resposible for managinf the middle ware (application Server) as well as oracle database. oracle dba will not look into middle ware.

SQL*PLUS is a interface between user and Oracle database. It Provide an environment to use the SQL which is a query language to communicate with oracle database

Oracle 8i and 9i were databases with 'i' referring to the Internet. For version 10 onwards, Oracle named the database as 10g, 'g' referring to the grid. 10i and 11i are ERP systems, nothing to do with the database.

Datafile is a group of files in each table space in an Oracle database. Database files are all files that are found within the database.

MS excel is a spreadsheet. Oracle is a database system.

difference between oracle and foxpro

Oracle 11i refers to the Oracle ERP Application Suite (often called Oracle E-Business Suite) and really has nothing to do with the database. The latest release (12) will be referred to as 12i. The confusing part is that Oracle used to call its database "i" for "internet" in releases 8 and 9, but now calls the database "g" for "grid". So, to summarize, Oracle 11i refers to the apps and Oracle 11g refers to the database.

Oracle is a database. Oracle is a Relational Database Management System which is a specialized implementation of a database. It is designed to hold data that is related to one another and organized in the form of schemas and tables.

Oracle is a software company. SQL (Structured Query Language) is a language for manipulating or retrieving information from a Relational Database system.

There are several different ways. If you are going between one Oracle database and another Oracle database you can create a database link. Another method would be an Oracle export to flat file and then a import to another database. This all depends on the type of database you are trying to load the data into.

Yes, Oracle is a database program

There really is not a big difference between Oracle 8i and Oracle 11G. They are both the same product, just different versions.

A relational database is a type of database design. Oracle is a brand of database. You can create a relational database using Oracle. You can also create relational databases using other database applications.

Oracle is Relational database management System(RDBMS).

Night and day. Apples and oranges. The skills aren't equivalent, transferable or related.

Oracle is relational DataBase

They are just different versions of Oracle.

Java is an object oriented programming language while Oracle is a Relational Database Management System. They are totally different and in no way similar to one another in terms of their features and abilities. Oracle is also the name of the company which makes and sells the Oracle database. It also owns Java as a result of its acquisition of Sun Microsystems which created Java.

Oracle is a Relational DataBase Management System Software (RDBMS) Oracle Application is a s/w that Operates on the Data Existed in the DataBase. e.g:- Oracle 8i,9i,10g,11g are DataBases. Oracle Fusion,Siebel CRM etc. are Applications. Simple Scenario where exactly we found the differences b/w these two:- ================================================== For example,the Data Related to Customers of a Bank is Stored inside the DataBase(either 10g,8i,or 9i) and after every month the Bank has to Generate the Reports for each Customer in word (or) PDF (or)html exactly in this scenario the Oracle Application(11i,12i) comes into the Picture it Generates the Reports based on the DataStored inside the DataBase by connecting to the DataBase.

Database versions are incremented based on the number of changes in the new release. For instance. Oracle 5 to Oracle 6. There is a significant amount of differrences/updates between those two versions. However, Oracle 8.0 to 8i--there are only minor updates because they are both within "8". If I remember correctly, the main difference between these two was that 8i incorporated "internet" options. (hence where the I came from) i=internet.

The oracle 10g and oracle 8i there is a minor difference that is oracle 8i doesn't support flash back command once we drop the table in database the message is table dropped but we can use flashback command we can retrieve the drop table once in database

Oracle is an RDBMS aka Relational Database Management System and SQL (Structured Query Language) is a programming language.

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