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Playgrounds are located in parks

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Q: What is the difference between parks and playgrounds?
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Are there parks or playgrounds in France?

Yes, there are dozens of parks & playgrounds located all across the French countryside.

Where are pigeons found?

In parks, playgrounds, cities

What are the differences between parks and play grounds?

parks are big areas where people can walk and sit under trees or have a picnic. playgrounds are small areas where kids can play, normally playgrounds have slides, swings, seesaws and other entertaining things.

How do you tell the difference between National and Provincial parks?

There is no real difference but National parks are operated and protected by the Canada's parks while Provincial parks are operated and protected by the provinces that they are in.

Which of sentences below uses the word ubiquitous correctly?

Parks and playgrounds are ubiquitous in the city.

What is the major difference between National parks and provincial parks?

The difference is in who pays to manage the park. Provincial parks are owned and maintained by the Canadian provinces while National Parks are and maintained by the federal agency Parks Canada.

How does a landfill effect the Earth's surface?

Landfills take up the room for beautiful parks, playgrounds, and more!

When traveling around playgrounds parks or school should exercise extreme caution and reduce speed.?


What is the difference between Provincial and National parks?

Well the main difference between national parks and provincial parks is that national parks are regulated and run by the federal government while provincial parks are run and regulated by the provincial government. But keep in mind they still serve the same purpose, which is that they both preserve the natural areas of Canada and provide protection to the wildlife, plant life and unique landscape

What is the difference between Disney in Orlando?

disney world in orlado is bigger,has more parks, has more characters,and the castle is diffrent than other parks

What was the difference between Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks?

They both fought and arrested for different reasons.

What is Ruby Bridges greatest accomplishment?

Ruby slowly made white and black come together in one school and different areas, parks, and school playgrounds.

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