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  1. Answer: Perishable foods are foods like fresh meat, seafood, and ripe fruits. While non-perishable are items that do not spoil or decay.... for example; canned goods, all pasta types, sugar, flour, curls (and chips if air-sealed), spices are non perishable as well.
  2. Perishable foods is ANY food that will spoil, rot, go bad very fast, such as within hours. Most perishable (dies quickly) foods will not even last a few hours without refrigeration or freezing. Milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, ice cream, meat, pork, chicken, pretty much a perishable food is anything you would normally keep in the fridge or freezer for several days, otherwise, if you left it out, it would go bad. Non-perishables are dry and canned foods, sometimes vegetables.
  3. Perishable - will spoil sooner - some examples - fresh fruits and veggies, breads, fish, meat - Non-perishable - much longer shelf life - examples - canned food, crackers
perishable has longer life period as compare to non perishable, perishable is milk, meat, unsealed products like buiscuit, bread, bakery products where as non perishable is soft drinks, alchohal, dry fruit.
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Non-perishable items take longer to reach stores because they first go to multiple packaging warehouses.

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Is rice a nonperishable food?

Yes, all dried food are non-perishable

How do you use nonperishable in a sentence?

Cans of food or boxes of noodles are supposed to be nonperishable food items.There you go!

Is milk a perishable food?

Yes! Perishable means it will go bad.

What are nonperishable food?

doesn't go bad

Classification of food according to ease of spoilage?

based on the ease of spoilage food is classified into 3 :-high perishable food -semi perishable food -non perishable food

Is ketchup non-perishable?

Ketchup is a non perishable food item

What is semi perishable?

semi perishable food these food items can be stored in a short period

Is cantaloupe non perishable food?

No, cantaloupe is a perishable food best kept refrigerated.

Is candy perishable food?

no it is not

How long does it take for a canned food to rotten?

it cant rot its nonperishable

How do you transport and store perishable food?

Perishable food needs to be stored at coold temperatures at all times. To transport perishable food, the container it is in needs to maintain its temperature at all times. To store perishable food, the temperature needs to be about 40 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve freshness and minimize the spread of bacteria.

Where is food stored?

Perishable food is stored in either the refrigerator or freezer. Non-perishable foods are stored in cabinets or closets.

What is non perishable food?

Non-perishable food does not rot or decay without refrigeration. Canned goods, flour, dry cereals, candy, and sugar are examples of non-perishable foods.

What is a synonym for food that rots?

The food is called "perishable".

Is an orange a perishable food?


What is the difference between food preservation and food processing?

What's the difference between food preservatives and processed food.

What are some nonperishable foreign foods?

Lutefisk is a particularly nasty, nonperishable foreign food. This fermented fish, stored in a jar or can, has an overwhelming lye odor, but is considered a delicacy in Norway.

Can make a sentence with perishable?

"Put all of the perishable food items on the right side of the room"

Differentiate between perishable food and dry food?

Perishable foods have a shelf life and will go bad once that shelf life has passed. An example of perishable goods are milk or bread. Dry goods usually also have a shelf life, but a much longer one. An example of dry goods would be grains or rice.

What is a good sentence for perishable?

"The perishable food went bad over a few weeks."Hope this helps

What is a refrigerator closely associated with?

Perishable Food

What is the difference between continental and oriental cuisine?

whats is difference between continental food and oriental food

What is the difference between undigested food and matabolic waste?

what is the difference between undigested food and metabolic waste

Is jerky a perishable food?

Yes jerky can spoil.

What is the most important non-perishable food?

This is somewhat an opinion question, but rice would probable be the most important non-perishable food because of its versatility.