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Polyarchy is decentralized rule, much as the founding fathers of the United States created. Under this system, there are many small governmentstailored to the needs and desires of the local populations. These small governments may take many forms ranging from Fascist Monarchy to Anarchy with unofficial structure. Such a group of governments may be under a higher government (much as how the USA was originally created with state governments under a federal government). However, Polyarchy limits this higher government to serving the lower governments by enforcing laws that all agree upon (some laws are virtually unanimous such as laws against murder, rape, theft, etc). This higher government also serves to provide defense for all the lower governments under it against foreign threats as well as threats from one sub-government to another. Such a governmental structure ensures that citizens may live under a government that they support and that also supports them. Persons living under a government that they do not support or agree with can easily move to another government that they do support and agree with.

Democracy is simply rule by majority of voters. Assuming that everyone votes (and that all votes are counted equally). a slight majority of the population can (and often will) oppress the remainder of the population. While many modern governments claim to be democratic, there has not been a true democracy in effect since ancient times...and even these were not true democracies, as the majority of the populations were non-voting slaves. In effect, there has never been a true democracy (roughly translated as "government by the people", as the few that have been created have only given voting rights to a small number of persons.

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Q: What is the difference between polyarchy and democracy?
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What is the word that means the same thing as representative democracy?


The theory that democracy can be achieved through competition of multiple organized groups is a description of what?

pluralism, aka polyarchy

What is the difference between polyarchy and polycracy?

These two words are generally regarded as synonyms.The following differences are suggested by the etymology, resting on differences if any between "political rule" (a matter of form) and "political power" (a matter of real efficacy). Also, differences may hinge on different connotations of the words 'one', 'few', 'many', and 'all'.A polyarchy is a political order with many rulers. This is in contrast to a monarchy (a political order with oneruler) and arguably an oligarchy (a political order with a few but not many rulers). Alternatively, a polyarchy may refer to a political order with more than one ruler, whether it be few or many.A polycracy is a political order in which political (social, economic, legal) power is possessed by manymembers of the community (vs. only one or just a few). By this account, a democracy is a polycracy in which political power is possessed by all citizens. A polycracy need not be a democracy in that political power may be possessed by many but not all of its citizens.On this account, a polycracy need not be a polyarchy. For instance, a monarchy can in fact be a polycracy. Likewise, a polyarchy need not be a polycracy. Namely, a polyarchy may in fact be an autocracy or monocracy.

How do you use Polyarchy in a sentence?

America is not a polyarchy, for it has a single "ruler", the President.

What is the difference between Pluralism and Democracy?


What are difference between democratic governance and good governance?

difference between good governac and democracy

What is the difference between a totalitarianism regime and a democracy?

The difference is simply that totalitarianism regime is 2 words and democracy is 1 word

What is the difference between democracy and communism?

communist ruled by military democracy "governed" by the people

What is the difference between roman republic and Canadian democracy?

They are not comparable. The Roman Republic was an oligarchy, not a democracy.

What is the difference between a democracy and a dictatarship?

democracy people have power,dictatarship one person has power

Is the difference between a representative democracy and A direct democracy?

Direct democracy is doing something by the government andrepresentative democracy is a democracy where citizens delegae authority to elect represntatives

What's the difference between parliamentary and presidential democracy?

a presidential democracy is ruled by a president and a parlimentary democracy is ruled by a prime minister