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The CTRL key is the only difference. What it actually does depends on the currently active program and/or control, and whether or not the key combo has been implemented or not. If not, the shell processes the key combo. On my system (Windows 7), both combos bring up the task switcher.

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Q: What is the difference between pressing alt plus tab and ctrl plus alt plus tab?
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How do you zoom out after pressing Ctrl Shift and the plus sign all at the same time?

Try pressing Ctrl and - at the same time.

What do shortcut keys ctrl plus enter do?

It does nothing. Pressing CTRL and the + sign zooms in your screen though

What is the Difference between Alt plus f4 and Ctrl plus w?

Alt+F4 will normally close a program completely, while Ctrl+W will normally just close an open window.

When you Press Alt plus Ctrl plus Del it shows Windows Security option you want to Enable Task manager?

Try pressing <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <Esc> instead.

What does ctrl plus c mean?

[CTRL]+C is achieved by holding CTRL while pressing C.

What does pressing Ctrl plus Enter in Microsoft word do?

trt...... Ctrl shift enter is page break. Meaning it forms a new page.

How do you enlarge the eraser in paint?

To enlarge the erasers click on the sizes you want and if u want it bigger press ctrl+ + (ctrl plus +) I found out by pressing ctrl and + on the number pad, you know where the button Num Lock is. Then if you want it to be smaller, press ctrl and - (ctrl, +) and (ctrl, -) on the Number Pad.

What does ctrl plus mouse click do on a MAC desktop?

Pressing the Control (ctrl) key and clicking the mouse replicates a Right Click and provides a contextual menu of options to select.

What does ctrl plus do?

ctrl an plus zoom the screen in an ctrl minus dezooms it

How do you undo the ctrl plus shift plus equals?

ctrl shift - reverses the effect of ctrl shift =

What does CTRL plus R do?

ctrl plus r reloads a webpage.

Can you remove selected text from a slide by pressing the CTRL plus X keyboard shortcut keys?

Yes. It is not deleted, but will go to the clipboard and could be pasted elsewhere.